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Community development | Journalism


The eyes of all the italian citizens are on the EU Recovery Plan (PNRR), the 200 billion strategy that aims to transform the Country: an unrepeatable opportunity to make a significant step in the dir…

Slowzine - magazine for change

The model of production, distribution, and consumption is a focal point in any case of reflection about the ecological transition. Every change has to start from the foundation and has to involve the…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment


The project will engage citizens in the production of bottom-up bradcasting news on the EU and the Cohesion Policy, to highlight their impact at local level, the opportunities for rural areas and sti…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

No fakenews, yes good news!

a project organized in three stages: 1) no fakenews, beware of bubbles and how to defend yourself from the dangers of the internet; 2) how to learn to be an active citizen in the field of communicati…

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