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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Human rights | Journalism

Political is Personal

Multimedia campaigns for activists, initiatives and movements for raising awareness about most urgent social problems, strengthening and connecting civic organizations, while building national awaren…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

The Invisible Children

In Nova Gorica, the growing Albanian community is living behind high walls. This affects their children who do not hang out with their peers. To build a bridge between communities, we will invite Alb…
Community development | Journalism

Voice of the civil socaiety

We strive for greater visibility and recognition of civil society, the NGO sector, and ethnic and migrant groups through media engagement. We want to create a well-equipped community studio that woul…
Journalism | Youth participation and empowerment

Improving media literacy among young people

We are planning to lead workshops in the local high schools, if it's going to be possible in actual classrooms, otherwise over Zoom. We would like to educate young people about media literacy. We all…

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