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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

The Way through the unknown Bulgaria

This project was inspired by the pilgrimage route of St. Jacob - El Camino, providing experience of thousands of people, led by religious, sports and other reasons. "The Way" will support developmen…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment


We plan to promote plasicless shopping in Sofia city center by providing application for consumers to know where and what they can shop plasticless . The plastic is the best material for packaging of…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

“Garden for hope”

Our great desire is to give people space and opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge in the field of organic farming and beekeeping, which will enable them to organize their own small farms. …
Environment and sustainability

Climate For Health

The project aims to create conditions for understanding the problems of the urban environment and climate change and to involve citizens in activities to stimulate public initiative, citizenship and …
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Establishment of a civic association in Chepelare

The idea is to be made a strong local civic association which would be involved in the local management in municipality of Chepelare. The local municipality problems are very similar to а lot of th…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Social dialogue for future through innovation

Stara Zagora is a region dependent on coal-based energy production. With the Green Deal this has to change, but there is a lack of dialogue for the future of the region with the local population. We …
Environment and sustainability | Health

Children love Natural world and are part of it

Historically humans lived in more rural and wild landscapes, and children spent more of their childhood outdoors, allowing exposure to more microbes. How could we plant a love of nature in kids havin…
Environment and sustainability

Blue Sky

Building a station to measure air quality, creating a website and a Facebook page to inform the citizens about the air quality in the neighbourhood close the factory. The site and the Facebook page w…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Green Islands

Finding a common solution for the forgotten green spaces. Small teams will work on a "green spot" of their choice, with the same materials available for each team. Each team will create its unique "g…

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