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Community development | Social inclusion

Network of Home Gardens in Bulgaria

To support home gardeners under different ways. To make a plan for short-term preservation /up to 5 yrs/, seed exchange of local varieties with good taste among interested gardeners, small and lar…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Preservation and presentation of cultural heritage

The specific challenge set in the project idea is to achieve agreement, unanimity and common policies of the local community on the ways, methods and technologies in the activities for preservation a…
Community development | Social inclusion

Citizens budgets

In the villages of Haskovo municipality live over 17,500 people, whose access to health and social services, cultural events is extremely limited. The opportunities for these people to participate in…
Community development | Social inclusion


This is a pilot project. A social experiment is conducted in 3 small settlements with a high level of Roma population on the territory of Northwestern Bulgaria. The experiment develops and tests a pr…
Community development | Social inclusion

Together for better living

Our society is facing unprecedented health, economic and social challenges requiring innovative approaches and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders to find effective solutions to support people …
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

European values - the viEUpoint of YOUth

Challenges:The need of: Discussions on youth’s connection to the EU,its values&democratic foundation Empowering disadvantaged youth to become active members of society&to unveil their creative pote…
Education and research | Social inclusion


Lack of using computers and disconnection from the internet-based world is a disadvantage in the matter of getting basic services, information and participation in civic policies and even getting a j…
Community development | Social inclusion

Re-Activating Community Life in The Village

The elderly in Leskovets suffer the consequences of the demographic and political crisis: exclusion, loneliness, low civic cohesion, and demotivation. On the other hand, newcomers-downshifters' striv…
Community development | Social inclusion

Diverse Tech Kids - Thriving Communities

The project helps rebuild the community relations and make up for the social incoherence of the multiethnic community in Alfatar Municipality, caused by the COVID lockdown. We, the project partners, …

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