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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development | Education and research

Mediation in the School - the Power of Dialog

Our ideas and goals for the project participants are to use mediation methods in the school with their classmates, teachers, parents, and friends. Conflicts at school can cause bullying. Through the …
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Let's Inspire The Children

Through interactive activities, we will introduce basic democratic principles to the students from five different schools in Devin District. We will involve them in a community dialogue with the resp…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

“Garden for hope”

Our great desire is to give people space and opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge in the field of organic farming and beekeeping, which will enable them to organize their own small farms. …
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Outdoor social workhop center

Our idea is to create and develop a social-orientated urban workshop center for as many children and parents, as possible! We will engage them in different aspects of community activities, as our mai…
Community development

Community Building(s)

Economic downturn in the city of Vratza has impeded proper care for historic buildings, although cultural heritage is key to economic development. Our one-year program will build a community around t…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Giving is receiving

Youth in small communities (especially the ones coming out of institutional care) often lack valuable social skills and the mindset that they can be masters of their own destiny - in their personal l…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Establishment of a civic association in Chepelare

The idea is to be made a strong local civic association which would be involved in the local management in municipality of Chepelare. The local municipality problems are very similar to а lot of th…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Young people as a generator of the civil sociaty

The aim of the project is to acquaint young people with the meaning, structures and importance of civil society. We will encourage their active involvement in the decision-making process in the local…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Community development with heritage care

Our city is located in the agglomeration of the capital. There are many residents who have moved here in recent years from the large city. Their connection is mainly with people and organizations of …

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