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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Environment and sustainability | Community development


Biodiversity and pollinators are essential for our lives. They represent a healthy society that we must aspire for our future. Sharing ecological practices in a creative way; promoting beehives des…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Think globally, act locally!

Goričko is beautiful and loved by its inhabitants. It has great potential for further improvement but is so forgotten from the rest of Slovenia. It is the poorest region in the country, so we would l…
Environment and sustainability

Islands of Hope

Small islands are renowned sources of natural richness and cultural diversity. Yet their fate is often decided in urban political centres, while community voices, untrained in structured dialogue, ar…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Zerowaste Tomorrow

Basic concepts: Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Recycle. Creating pratical working spaces, spaces that connect people, things and ideas. Working with the whole community to minimise waste by education and re…
Environment and sustainability

Youth alliance for green leaders

The focus of this project is on youth participation in the process of environmental decision-making on different levels: international, national and regional. Environmental documents seem to be very …
Environment and sustainability

Ecochallenge reloaded

Romania suffers from a chronic disconnection of its formal educational system from real life skills that youngsters need to solve the current challenges we face, especially on environment. "Eco-chall…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Parco Romano Biodistretto – Community Hub

Create a food community to guarantee good food to the citizens of our territories, revitalize the local economy, create value and social capital, stop the consumption of agricultural land, stimulate …
Environment and sustainability

Kosmos of Sustainability Ambassadors

We are downscaling UN and EU sustainability policies through a network of grassroots ambassadors in peripheral regions of Greece. Together with CSOs, we will practice participatory decision-making fo…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Connecting local producers with local customers

We need to remove obstacles between local producers on one hand and local people and entrepreneurs on the other hand. We will promote local production as crucial part of local economy. We will connec…

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