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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development

Citizens' Assembly on the Future of Kisavas

Our proposal is for a radical change to democracy in Miskolc that cuts through partisan politics and ensures quality decisions: let 50 randomly selected local citizens decide together how to develop …
Community development

Bilingual Montessori class in PL/CZ border region

Although we live in CZ/PL border area where both nations interact for centuries there are still many prejudices which prevent good neighborhood relations. We believe the education is the most powerfu…
Community development

Empowering the young

Young people in small rural areas find it difficult to take part in the decision-making process. Their participation in local self-government is important for them and the community. Access of inform…
Community development

CivicKit:Empowering disengaged citizens to ACTion!

We would like to design and implement a Civicmobil (such as a civic education and vocational coaching caravan) for rural areas of Romania. Creating a community of Romanian future change makers by ena…
Community development

VaLiD - Valuable Life Designers

"Booster program" for young adults struggling with quarterlife crisis. We want to help for unemployed young people or want a career change to find their new path. Our plan is to support their develo…
Community development

Re-view past to co-create future (ResCue)

Far from being a universal ideological model, Democracy has to be understood as a multi-layered and complex set of practices, networks and bodies of knowledge. Ancient landscapes and relations betwee…
Community development

Progress the educational system in Czech

The main challenge is to bring together and support actors in education who are looking for elements of democracy, freedom and responsibility in education. The aim is to build a community of free and…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Clean is the new green

We live in a magical land of green hills, enchanting forests and lush meadows. Almost. Although green heritage is the backbone of our community, it is filled with illegal dump sites. So, it’s time to…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Cultural Cohesion Against Covid Crisis (CCACC)

During the Covid-crisis we have seen self organized communities taking care of each other, building grassroots movements to feed, share, and putting together the few goods, time and culture left in o…

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