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Environment and sustainability

Youth alliance for green leaders


Who is behind this?

Miroslav Ivanov

Center for Natural and Social Researches


Who is joining forces?

Fondation Green Industry Innovations and technology transfer



Idea pitch

The focus of this project is on youth participation in the process of environmental decision-making on different levels: international, national and regional. Environmental documents seem to be very distant from young people agenda. Many young people think that they cannot influence their politicians or do not know how to do it. With this project we want to provide youth with competences and information about the active citizenship as well as their environmental rights and responsibilities.

Where will your project idea take place?

Small municipalities with high unemployment rate in SW Bulgaria -Gurmen, Satovcha and Hadzidimovo.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

The project is oriented towards SW Bulgaria an area of the country with preserved natural conditions. Beside the favorable natural prerequisites for sustainable development in the area this region is characterized with high unemployment and primary, mainly resource oriented economy. This imbalance in the regional economy is due to the lack of knowledge among the young about the environmental protection and the related opportunities for sustainable development and green entrepreneurship. Because of that this project aims to equip young people with the environmental knowledge and capacity to participate in environmental decision-making processes in order to ensure sustainable green future for the local communities.

Who are you doing it for?

The main target group of the project and also participants in the project activities will be the young people from disadvantaged areas - small municipalities with a high unemployment rate - Garmen, Satovcha and Hadzidimovo. The project activities will be opened for disadvantaged groups as well as vulnerable minorities and social groups. The results of the project will be presented to the local authorities in order to enhance the involvement of the young people in the environmental decision making process.

How do you plan to get there?

A clear work plan will be developed: 1 Training course “Youth exploring environmental participation”. During the that course will be explored what participation means, which are the levels of participation, good examples, how organizations can influence the involvement of young people to become active citizens. 2 Training course “Youth for green future”. It will focus on e the role of youth in environmental decision-making on different levels. 3 Workshop “Take a green stand- workshop for green leaders”. It will focus on using the knowledge from both training courses on promoting youth participation in environmental decision making process and will establish youth green senate which can propose local green political measures or initiatives. 4. Developing of "Be green" web based platform.

What are the expected results?

After the implementation of the project the young people in the target area will improve their understanding about what participation means, which are the levels of participation, how organizations can influence the involvement of young people to become active citizens. The target group of the project will broaden their knowledge base on environmental decision-making and the role of youth in environmental decision-making on different levels. The youth green council will be an effective instrument for local communities to propose environmental initiatives to the local authorities.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

During the implementation phase series of courses will build a knowledge base about what participation means, which levels of participation there are, how organizations can influence the involvement of young people. Also what is the stake of young people in environmental decision-making and the competences of organizations and youth workers on engaging and inspiring young people to become active citizens. Another focus will be on developing competences of youth workers and organizations to promote young people’s engagement in environmental decision. A final workshop will establish youth green senate/council with participants from the target municipalities which can propose political measures or initiatives. This directly will stimulate the citizens engagement and participation.

Why is this idea important to you?

The driving force of the idea is the understanding that the young people are the future of the planet. At a time when humanity is facing the invisible enemy "Kovid-19", many of him understood the basic message that nature needs to rest. Young people are the ones who will inherit every decision made after this life-paralyzing pandemic. For this reason, the project envisages young people, through their initiatives, to seek solutions to balance the relationship between man and nature. Through the web platform, young people will discuss their proposals for solving the problem of environmental protection, the importance of the good condition of biological diversity on the planet and all issues related to environmental health, respectively human.

€ 48500,-

Total budget

€ 48500,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Stuff cost - 9000 EUR
Travel and accommodation for the stuff - 2000 EUR;
Public relation, media coverage - 2500 EUR;
Printed materials, posters, flayers, etc - 3500 EUR

1. Training course - 7000 EUR;

2. Training course - 7000 EUR;
3. Workshop - 7000 EUR;
4. Web based platform "Be green" - 10 500 EUR.



Idea created on May 27, 2020

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