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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion

People with dementia: "Help us teach you!"

People with dementia have abilities and the need to be an active participants in society. We can learn a lot from their past knowledge, their preserved abilities, life experiences, and most of all th…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

A Cure for Happiness Open Air Festival

A Cure for Happiness Open Air Festival is a safe place for everything obscure and alternative held in an abandoned quarry in the middle of a beautiful Styrian forest spanning across two days. A safe …
Social inclusion

Regional Center for Deinstitutionalization

In Museum of Madness we share the story about Slovenia being one of the most institutionalised countries in the world. We aim to raise awareness on the right of people with disabilities to live indep…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

What kind of change are you growing?

What makes a garden productive, healthy, diverse? Observation, time, appreciation and care. The same goes for a person, for the local and global community. What we practice in our smallest circles, e…
Community development


Rakova Jelša is the southernmost quarter of Ljubljana, which has indications of segregation, is still lacking some basic infrastructure & services and has low levels of political participation. With …

Young Brigades

Young Brigades aims to strengthen the position of young in their local communities and push their active inclusion in political and social discourse. It helps them establish dialog with different seg…
Social inclusion

Read & discuss: people with & without disabilities

12 read & discuss events will be organised in open public spaces in different villages in Medvode municipality, which will include various local stakeholders who will read and discuss on different lo…
Social inclusion

Migation in the eyes of young people

Migration through south borders of Slovenia is a political question. Young people lack trustful information on the topic since they are objected to fake news, depending on the political options and (…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Think globally, act locally!

Goričko is beautiful and loved by its inhabitants. It has great potential for further improvement but is so forgotten from the rest of Slovenia. It is the poorest region in the country, so we would l…

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