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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion | Community development

Educated Women = Strong Society

A society with educated people is a strong society. In the current context of the health crisis, the world has changed,now communication and many of the usual activities have passed into the online e…
Environment and sustainability

Ecochallenge reloaded

Romania suffers from a chronic disconnection of its formal educational system from real life skills that youngsters need to solve the current challenges we face, especially on environment. "Eco-chall…
Community development

The "Super" Village

We have “the guts” to implement an active citizenship project in the rural areas of Romania, in the poor and dry south part, where the toilets, water, gas and social services represent episodes of St…
Social inclusion

Prepared for the Future

The society as we know it changed with the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and we understood the importance of a better prepared civil society. When it comes to natural disasters (earthquake, floods, even …
Community development

Little Citizens, Big Changes

Our summer camp promotes civic education among young people through involvement, dialogue, and volunteering in their local area. We aim for the local initiative group development and its involvement …
Social inclusion

Voices and facts for a more inclusive society

It is difficult to change public policies when data describing the situation of disadvantaged children and families are not sufficiently known to the public and when the voices of these people are no…
Community development


“If current trends continue for another 20 or 30 years the democracy will be toast” said Yascha Mounk. In order to improve our democracy, we need to repair its’ foundation through civic participation…
Community development

Community Hub

The project aims to develop 6 disadvantaged communities in Valcea County (Baile Govora, Berbesti, Pausesti, Calimanesti, Balota, Madulari) by supporting local initiatives. The initiatives will be bas…

Accelerator of civic engagement of young people

- The main activity to engage young is a 6 months mobil tour ( live podcast) in Gorj County.(debate organised in schools, sports clubs and public space) The meetings debates will be transmitted liv…

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