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Social inclusion

Migation in the eyes of young people

Gamification for better understanding of migration


Who is behind this?

Neja Šmid

Zavod DICE


Who is joining forces?

Value Add Games



Idea pitch

Migration through south borders of Slovenia is a political question. Young people lack trustful information on the topic since they are objected to fake news, depending on the political options and (most visible = loud) media. Through the creation of print and play board game they will familiarize themselves with the topic of migration in general and develop sensibility toward migrants. The board game they will develop will later on serve as dissemination tool for other groups and communities.

Where will your project idea take place?

Podplat is a small setlement in Municipality of Rogaška Slatina in Savinjska region in Slovenia.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Small settlements such as Podplat face similar challenges regarding young people - lack of infrastructure, programs and activities that are beyond regular schooling and are designed for young people to express themselves and widen their potential is therefor essential. Past few years illegal migration over the near border became a fact and a challenge for the community. Internet enables informing oneself but it is lack of knowledge how to read information that is a problem - loudest and most radical opinions get more attention, are more visible, and therefor taken as (the only) truth. Without objective information and programs that promote tolerance and acceptance a fear of misinformation and radicalization toward migrants is real. Emancipation of tolerance is therefor essential.

Who are you doing it for?

Primarily we are addressing local youth (15 to 25), living in a rural area, facing migrations near by and lacking suitable infrastructure (we will however accept any young person, willing to participate). Beside individual youth workers we expect local organizations, involving youth will benefit, also municipality in general. But our main idea is addressing the needs of local youth, primarily in the part, where they lack safe environment to express fears, thoughts, and prejudice on/toward migrants in a safe environment, especially when we are able to offer activity where those fears and prejudice can be transformed in a productive and non-violent manner into smth. meaningful and usable for other beneficiaries. We expect to involve 30 young people and 5 local organizations (schools etc.)

How do you plan to get there?

1. Making connections: with various tools we will invite youth of the area to meet us (in the local community center) and play board games with us - in this way they will get to know us, get to know the benefits of playing board games and develop interest in game developing. 2. Making plans: we will prepare an easy application for interested in game design to prepare a "meeting schedule" for 10 meetings. We will introduce the topic and this project. 3. 10 meeting will be held according to schedule and the result of it will be a board game in the topic of migration. 4. Try out: We will try out this board game in local organizations (5 events, 100 participant all together) which will enable presentation and further cooperation. 5. Presentation: at a local event.

What are the expected results?

- local community better understands the needs of young people from the community;
- young people of the community have competences of collaborating in board developing project;
- young people are more aware of migration and it˙s aspects, are more tolerant and know how to search and find relevant information (on the topic and beyond);
- young people are more connected to the community and know how to address their own needs;
- local organizations are aware of our activities and know the benefits of gamification (and who to contact for additional projects);
- local organizations have additional tool (board game) to address the migration topics with next generations.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Board games are nice and well excepted tool for spending fun times together (within the families or other groups). They are know through the whole history and researches show that gamification expands the effect of learning by 30 percent. Creation (in a professional manner) of such board games is however complicated and usually not very accessible for most people. While creating a board game one has to familiarize with the topic.
Goals: 1. providing activities for local youth that feel the lack of suitable infrastructure in their local environment and activities designed for them to express, grow and expand their potential; 2. strengthen the community of acceptance and tolerance and provide objective information on the topic of (illegal) migration - why, who, when, where from and to ...

Why is this idea important to you?

Community we are part of is very important to us and our partner organization. Youth with similar opportunities as their peers in more urban areas is more productive and has better opportunities for their life. Opportunities of local community are our opportunities - the more developed the community is, more opportunities to upgrade our work there is.
We are board game enthusiasts and we believe in gamification strongly. We also see the danger of hatred toward some groups as danger of hatred within the community and we have knowledge, know how and means to prevent it and to make our environment more tolerant, open and in this way to bring quality of living on higher level. More developed community is better for local organizations and companies.

€ 12000,-

Total budget

€ 12000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

- Work of 4 people conducting the activities (1 youth worker, 1 game developer, 1 migration specialist, 1 moderator): 2500 EUR;
- Printing the game: 7000 EUR;
- Venues, coffee breaks, travel expenses: 1500 EUR;
- Work of project coordinator: 1000 EUR.

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

- Similar project ideas (and potential partners);
- Relevance of the idea for a small communities similar to ours;
- Relevance of the idea for Civic Europe;
- Gamification as a method of addressing "boiling topics";
- Any concrete critic that can make our idea better.


Zavod DICE



Idea created on May 27, 2020

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