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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development


Due to the COVID19 epidemics, thousands of youngsters have chosen to leave the big cities where they worked and studied, and return to their hometowns. In our rural community, marked by decades of em…
Community development

Architettura Bottom-up 2.0

Despite being one of the main provinces in Tuscany, Pisa and its territory lack of informal places where to meet. Many critical issues emerge in the integration between different cultures: students f…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

The Mountain of Suspended Time

Time feels like an inescapable measure for those whose lives are ruled by the rat race, caught up in the relentless pace of the modern city. But in the mountains, time is suspended, almost impercepti…
Social inclusion

Pay it Forward

Have you ever watched Pay it Forward? "What does the world want from us?" From that moment Trevor senses a way to change the world and begins to do good actions, asking those who receive them to do i…
Social inclusion


The program is both innovative and preventive, as its actions will target children and youth in rural districts in vulnerable peripheral areas of Salerno Province, areas where significant social an…
Environment and sustainability


There is a degraded land in need of regeneration and a social fabric in need of cohesion. We want to build a community around the collective care of the land, lifting fragile people from their condit…
Arts and cultural activities

Social Art for Participation and Democracy

To use the power of Social Art to activate and integrate different and self-segregated social groups, for them to become protagonists of processes of democratic participation. To trigger a process i…
Social inclusion | Community development

Public dialogue

The project will implement a participatory process in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), involving citizens including multicultural communities, to fight social isolation and lack of participation. A multidis…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

BE INclusive

BE INclusive is a project conceived for young people of different origins that aims to set up a multifunctional artistic hub as open and functioning civic space where creative and visual arts become …

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