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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

100 openings of democracy: own e-training applicat

Our challenge - to the give in Poland the opportunity to everybody to learn distantly the ABCs of democracy: - the player draws on the virtual board 1 of 100 thematic quads (ex: Discrimination and …
Social inclusion

12 women, 12 stories, 12 schools

Photo exhibition and stories of 12 young disabled women will be prepared, to show society that these women are also attractive and strong and are able to contribute to society. These young women will…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

27 castle + 2 fortress

The aim of the project is to increase the respect of the environment and sustainable development base on the awareness of the hills’ history. The objective is to involve children and families that li…
Social inclusion | Community development

2Gether Project

Intergenerational authentic interaction is a great tool for older adults’ motivation and youth’s social participation. For maximizing its benefits, we embodied project-based learning methodology. Pro…
Social inclusion

47+50: the right to an adequate home to grow older

Our initiative fosters both active aging and active citizenship by defending the enforcement of two fundamental rights: to enjoy worthy and adequate housing (article 47 of the Spanish Constitution) a…


Through comprehensive approach the project intends to prevent further division and polarization as well as escalation of tensions within the community. It will establish a multi-agent platform for su…
Community development

5th National campaign Food revolution day 2021

Obesity is a broad problem amongst Bulgarian children. Around 30% are overweight which makes the country 5th in Europe. Bulgaria is on top positions in children consumption of low nutrition food. Viа…
Community development

ABC- Act Better Consciously

How often do you realize in difficult situations only you don't have the right tools to deal with them? When speaking about health, a small input could be game-changing. Therefore, thanks to our Red …
Social inclusion

Academy for meaningful living

The aim of the project is to provide systematic counselling and increase the human capital of 20 young people, increase competencies of them in order to be successful in their social and working life…

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