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Who is behind this?

Azheimer Chalkida

Greek Association of Alzheimer’ s Disease and Related Disorders (of) Chalkida



Idea pitch

Intergenerational authentic interaction is a great tool for older adults’ motivation and youth’s social participation. For maximizing its benefits, we embodied project-based learning methodology. Project co-creation will enhance learning among generations and meaningful engagement for participants’ communication and collaboration skills development and sustainment. What is more, publicity as a central feature of project-based methodology will increase motivation for all participants.

Where will your project idea take place?

3 rural areas: Makrikapa, Limni, Agia Anna (villages of Central and North Evoia), Greece.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Older adults and young people in villages have separated activities and there are neither spaces nor events for social participation, sharing of different views and learning among generations. These challenges result to withdrawing of these two groups from community problem-solving. Current social distancing situation of COVID-19 has also increased levels of loneliness in older adults. Providing structured opportunities for dialogue is a restorative opportunity for these two groups’ active citizenship. Discussing “local issues that matter” will be an effective real-life situation for enhancing motivation, equal participation and benefits, and sustainability of intergenerational teams. The project will enhance participants’ discussion skills as well as their bonds to local communities.

Who are you doing it for?

Older people are primary target group of our organization, as their opportunities for social participation are limited, facing discrimination. Engagement is beneficial to keep their physical and cognitive function for well-being. Creating opportunities to communicate with youth we re-establish their status as mentors making them integral parts of local communities. Youth are benefited as they develop soft skills. For fulfilling these objects, we need to work for providing the essential framework through awareness and capacity building of key local actors. Furthermore, intergenerational activities promoted by local media have multiple effects. Partnerships with public sector (social service and schools) are also an integral part in our scope.

How do you plan to get there?

Phase 1
Creation of training material for stakeholders, volunteers and staff capacity building; program’s presentation & public discussion meetings in 3 local communities; informal meetings with older adult participants and young participants to consider needs, interests and expectations
Phase 2
Ice-breaking meetings for intergenerational teams; discussion of objects and implementation plan; 3 meetings & 2 teleconferences about progress for each project and one meeting for “creating change” in open space through art
Phase 3
3 conferences for publicity of projects
Phase 4
Meetings with participants for evaluation & focus group with stakeholders and volunteers
Phase 5
Revising training material for capacity building; printed guide creation with project’s outcomes and good practices

What are the expected results?

Our project will provide structured opportunities for intergenerational participation in dialogue and problem-solving procedures owned by participants and implied by community resources. Participants will be empowered and local key stakeholders will be aware and sensitized of involving all generations in democratic dialogue and decision-making processes. What is more local communities’ volunteers will be capable of facilitating such activities and participation in Panhellenic intergenerational festivals through continuing mentoring of Alzheimer Chalkida. This innovative intervention of our community organization will strengthen citizen participation in local communities.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

As in rural areas there are limited opportunities for engaging with diverse teams, an intergenerational approach can be a way to embrace diversity and think as a global citizen. Reducing age discrimination and providing new opportunities for active participation of all age groups by introducing innovative tools for skills development on local issues that matter is learning for democracy. The project will be a good practice in the local level that will be spread across the country. By choosing 3 areas to conduct intergenerational groups we increase awareness and capacity building of key local stakeholders and volunteers. Best practices for engaging and valuing all participants in real life situations will be disseminated through conferences, papers and media involvement.

Why is this idea important to you?

We are an association of dementia caregivers . Our mission is the maximization of Quality of Life of older adults focusing on people with dementia and reducing stigma and its consequences for them and their family caregivers. Our vision is to extend active mental health promotion for all ages via effective partnerships in our region. Working in distant rural areas since 2018, we identified specific needs for social cohesion strengthening, especially because young and older groups have separated activities. We are inspired by whole community engagement challenges. Our motivation is grit. It is important for us to embody, evaluate and spread intergenerational activities as an effective tool for mental health promotion for socially vulnerable target groups, seeking to empower civil society.

€ 43200,-

Total budget

€ 43200,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

1. Staff 31200 (12 months): 18300 director & 12900 three part-time employees
2. transportation & accommodation costs 7000 :3600 transportation; 2880 catering (40 participants X 18 meetings (6 meetings for each team); 400 for accommodation and 120 for expendables such as stationery and antiseptic)
3. leaflets 2000 (500 graphic designer’s work; 300 roll-ups; 1200 awareness leaflets)
4. printed training material plus graphic designer’s work 1500
5. video recording and website amelioration 1500

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We will be grateful on receiving any kind of feedback especially from members of Civic Europe online community that have similar ideas or have conducted projects like this!


Alzheimer Chalkida


Idea created on May 23, 2020
Last edit on May 26, 2020

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