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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion | Community development

Digital Parcel

We develop the model of local support in which people help each other. We connect volunteers, people in need who are digitally excluded and donors. Volunteers meet with families and get to know them …
Community development

Learning democracy from children

Living democracy in our schools positively influences children and their future but it also affects their parents and other very diverse members of our local communities. As our experience has shown…
Community development

Development of volunteering

Volunteer center is like customer service for shoppers. We offer services in the field of volunteering with everything that goes with it. We connect organizations with volunteers. We communicate with…
Community development

THE RIGHT TO THE VILLAGE - retaking rural commons

Are social rights territory and age determined? Oh, yes-they are! What if just representation in economy, politics and media was the norm for those living outside big cities? Join us on a ride called…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Zerowaste Tomorrow

Basic concepts: Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Recycle. Creating pratical working spaces, spaces that connect people, things and ideas. Working with the whole community to minimise waste by education and re…
Social inclusion | Community development

Lifeology for teenagers – subject about you

through more than 100nonformal learning methods and activities,they are able to raise their skills for REAL LIFE.Through main 4 topics:Innerscience–how to find their strengths,weaknesses, selfrespect…
Community development

Community Hub

The project aims to develop 6 disadvantaged communities in Valcea County (Baile Govora, Berbesti, Pausesti, Calimanesti, Balota, Madulari) by supporting local initiatives. The initiatives will be bas…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Creating community

We seek to promote a joint reflection on coexistence in the rural world that involves all the social groups that comprise it. With the collected opinions, we will create a community Forum Theater sho…
Social inclusion | Community development

If you dream about a better world, come to Cinesia

We are building a space in the south of Madrid that promotes neighborhood development and innovation. The social, urban, and economic situation of the neighborhood, and Villaverde district, has made…

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