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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Environment and sustainability

Together we can save the future!

In the small villages of our agricultural region, life still runs normally. Regardless of ongoing climate change. However, there are small groups or individuals who are pushing for small changes. How…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Let's make it grow together!

We want to explore and pilot innovative and participatory approaches and co-design very practical solutions to re-set food supply chains in the Tisnov area. The project responds to current unsustaina…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Together against drought

We created “Living landscape”, a tool for citizens to initiate participatory projects of complex water retention and climate adaptation in rural areas. By teaching people how to map and design change…
Environment and sustainability

Botanicula - community garden

The condition is the involvement of all representatives of interest groups at the local level. At the same time, the project aims to understand the interconnectedness and interrelationship of economi…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

Folklore’s not dead: Inspiring heritage caretakers

South Moravia is the last resort of traditional dress, customs and folk art practices within the Czech Republic giving it a strong sense of local distinctiveness. Exploring this unique opportunity, “…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Project incubator for young

Project incubator for youth is an informal educational project. There will be prepared one-week workshop –an incubator for solidary project, where youth from 4 countries will work together on 5 solid…
Environment and sustainability

Eco Watchtower

Eco Watchtower in Brzozówka will be an example of how to build a house in the countryside (with 35 square metres space) in 95% with natural and local materials such as: clay, straw, wood, stones and …
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Connecting local producers with local customers

We need to remove obstacles between local producers on one hand and local people and entrepreneurs on the other hand. We will promote local production as crucial part of local economy. We will connec…

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