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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development

Taking the fear out of local politics

Engaged citizens who want to serve their communities as local representatives often know little about how local government works. They want to use their vision and goodwill in local office but they a…
Community development

Progress the educational system in Czech

The main challenge is to bring together and support actors in education who are looking for elements of democracy, freedom and responsibility in education. The aim is to build a community of free and…
Community development

Community Lab of Democracy and School Education

A school founded and directed by parents, children and staff. Impossible? No, we are the example. Our community of 40 families has been running a primary school since 2015, and another one since 2020…
Community development

Free Democratic School in Košice

Imagine you are attending a democratic school, inclusive and open to all. You are responding to the current crisis with skill, participating in society instead of memorising tables. This is exactly w…
Social inclusion

Sit Beside Me

While national educational frameworks often outline a solid base for an active citizenship education, specific methodologies and practical guidelines are missing. This project offers a complex, prove…
Community development


Broumov is a small historical town in a wonderful landscape near Czech–Polish border. We feel Broumov’s great potential as a “big small” European centre, and we work on this vision since 2004. Howeve…

Youth debate program in Moravia

The project solves the formal education system's lack of focus on critical thinking, media literacy, and active citizenship. It aims to disseminate the debate methodology in Moravian schools Moravia …
Social inclusion

League of Fair Play Football

Our vision is to build a society where fair-play is played on and off the pitch. To do so, we transform the football pitch into a platform for dialogue, self-development and conflict prevention. Imag…
Social inclusion

Interchange for Social Progress

Antiziganism is hindering interculturalism & diversity in our cities. By intercultural learning & civic education we aim to mobilize public & local authorities for a better understanding of intercult…

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