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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Diversity Space

Autistic people and Asperger´s do have a space to speak for themselves about their life style, interests, different ways of thinking and sensing this world. They have the right not to be presented as…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

“Emotions in move”

COVID-19 disrupted our social connections, he separated us from our closest friends and relatives. It even has the power to strike a stake between our relations and belonging to. Our project aims to …
Arts and cultural activities

Festival of Light and Shadow in Slovakia

Festival is about: Exhibition in the public space of the city, Creation of new works of contemporary visual art, Education of children using interactive art technology, Public presentation and compar…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

[fjúžn] - the world we have at home

We have been organizing [fjúžn] festival of new minorities in Bratislava for 15 years. It brings topics of migration and life of foreigners closer to the general public, creates a space for meetings …
Arts and cultural activities

Artooza festival

Artooza festival takes your art on a higher ooza.
Arts and cultural activities | Community development


The Culture for Cooperation project reacts to the lack of cooperation between different institutions and communities in Košice. We plan to open the dialogue and engage representatives of all cultural…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Let music build bridges

A music educational program that empowers communities to overcome their boundaries. We’ll build up a high-quality children’s choir with 60 children, who suffer from segregation, unequal cultural and…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development


Our goal is to set up a meeting place, where we can promote the famous bagpipers folkore of Jedlove Kostolany and to motivate young people to continue in this tradition to make it live as long as pos…
Arts and cultural activities

Civic Participation Triggered

We are a civic association of active locals in a small Slovak town Rožňava where we restore an abandoned monastery into a Cultural-Creative Centre Kláštor (´Monastery´). Apart from creative industry …

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