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Artooza festival

Festival of worldmusic,rock and local musicians.Free area for local crafts,street art,food tracks,workshops,online Area,cultural and enviro education.


Who is behind this?

Michal Čamaj



Who is joining forces?

Town od Sala


Pivnicka club



Idea pitch

Artooza festival takes your art on a higher ooza.

Where will your project idea take place?

Sala west Slovakia

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Local worldmusic artist,local crafts,local foods.

Who are you doing it for?

This project should reach children, adults and Im sure my granda will take part too.

How do you plan to get there?

Online marketing at first,

What are the expected results?

New comunity

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Everybody feel happy

Why is this idea important to you?

Look at your previous projects,and ask them.

€ 70000,-

Total budget

€ 30000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Personal costs 20000
Travel and accommodation 30000
Promotion 10000
Public relations 10000

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Tell me your opinion



Idea created on April 10, 2021

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