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“Emotions in move”

“Fostering the cultural identity of society and create an eternal piece of art that will conserve societal emotion in time and space”


Who is behind this?

Viera Zuborova

Bratislava Policy Institute


Who is joining forces?



Anta Agni



Idea pitch

COVID-19 disrupted our social connections, he separated us from our closest friends and relatives. It even has the power to strike a stake between our relations and belonging to. Our project aims to return the confidence of the people to their social lives, to their natural human connection through their emotions. This will be done with help of new technologies and creative minds of our team that will create a piece of art that will remain eternal in the online world.

Where will your project idea take place?

Project will target the whole Slovak society in the online sphere and offline event in Bratislava

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Interpersonal districts are the biggest challenge in Slovakia after 1989, and only 33% of Slovak believe in others. This inhospitable environment is creating more and more barriers for the development of active engagement and civic cohesion of individuals. They are not feeling the common spirit of the society as a group of individuals and those events who were meant to build upon it, divided it as election, cultural or question about belonging to. We believe that with art we can create a momentum of individuals that bring back to them the feeling of belonging and open new ways to build their interpersonal trust towards other people, because they will lie on their decision and their motives. Our attempt is to show with the audiovisual peace of art the unity, beauty, heterogeneity, cohesion.

Who are you doing it for?

Our intention to not only target but get involved with as many people from the Slovak society as possible, and this will be achieved by the use of innovative approach and help of the modern gaming environment. Our intention is to create a viral sense of belonging to the community that is working together to accomplish something that unity and reflect the tradition, values, feelings and emotions of the society as a whole. We believe that with this activity we have the chance to bring back together those who separated himself from the community and trust between each other.

How do you plan to get there?

First phase: we will also design a set of questions that will have the ability to measure the emotion and feelings within the society, and will help to translate them into codes that vica versa will translate to “virtual reality moves”, and become a piece of art of the whole society.
Second phase: promotion of the happening, we will use social media networks and other communication sources to spread the idea among civic society actors, towards general society,
Third phase: in this phase we will test the pilot version of a web application that will gather the emotions and feelings from the individuals of Slovak society, also this milestone will be used for promotion of the happening.
Fourth phase: organization of the happening that will start to promote “Emotion in move” and will promote the main idea of civic cohesion and engagement among all. During the event which we plan to have on 2 different channels and levels we will target potential users/ individuals who will be willing to give us their answers to the question available on the website of the project.
Fifth phase: the duration of this phase is planned to be “nevereding” and our intention is to collect the emotions and feelings of all individuals in Slovakia reacting to events and time when they will be collected.

What are the expected results?

solidarity and sensitivity awareness about citizens own emotion and their impact towards the society, trust, engagement and participation,
awareness of need of social cohesion among citizens,
receive relevant data that will help us towards future for a better understanding of individuals in the society, with the potential to focus on main problems that are concerning citizens,
creation of audiovisual piece of art that became eternal and will symbolize the unity, cohesion and solidarity of individuals in the Slovak society,
support multi-sectoral cooperation as the cornerstone of creative and culture sphere,
support of new and innovative partnerships.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

We will work with a topic that deeply concerns individuals living not only in Slovakia, but in all global world, and these are emotions which were dramatically influenced and affected by global pandemic and the restriction created to fighting them - social distancing, death closes friends and relatives, remote work, lockdowns, and other barriers that hit our emotion. During the whole project participants will be actively involved in the creation of audiovisual pieces of art that will be present during an open-air event. Through this activity and their curiosity they will uncover the power of art and sense of social cohesion, they will be also aware of crucial issues that come with the emotional identity of any individual, and sense to support those whose mentally suffer.

Why is this idea important to you?

The artistic head, Matúš Ritomský (screenplay, direction, coordination, production), who is the spirit behind the group Anta Agni, has been devoting himself to a new kind of dance art for more than 20 years. The creative head, Peter Marek (screenplay, production), who has 10 years of experience in innovative business and the creative industry, he is the ideological father of the first virtual exhibition in Slovakia "Journey in Time". The project leader, Viera Žúborová (coordination and PR), who has more than 10 years of experience in organizing various events aimed at supporting civil society, its positive impact on building an open and tolerant society.

€ 44000,-

Total budget

€ 30000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Creation of audiovisual art, software development, 7 000 EUR,
Avatar modeling and design and interface, 7000 EUR
Artistic performance, 8000 EUR
Choreography of these two outputs, 2000 EUR
Rent: for dance, scanning, final event, technical equipment and transport of equipment 12 500 EUR
Promotion: 5000 EUR
Coordination: 2500 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Please challenge our crazy idea :) We will be thankful for all special comments and suggestions how to do it better, and how to target more individuals.



Idea created on April 24, 2021

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