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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Human rights | Social inclusion

Women for Women - W4W

W4W is about giving voice and empowering women who have experienced homelessness and are in the process of recovery. They want to support other women who are now in a homeless situation, by creating …
Community development | Human rights

Nha Fala - Women Speaking on FGM/C

It is estimated that in Portugal 8406 women and girls are survivors or at risk of FGM/C. The Nha Fala’s project will work with a group of women from affected communities, creating a safe space for ci…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Future Memories

Facing an increase of the extremist right wing and descrimnation speech in Portugal specially with the Roma communities and in the particular case of Lourinhã, action is needed. This work will be h…
Education and research | Human rights

PACIFY: ambassadors for non-violence online

The role of influencers and other digital content producers in online violence dynamics and as agents for transformation is sparsely considered. An action-research method is proposed to: (i) track is…
Human rights | Social inclusion


The aim of the project is to promote social inclusion through personal, social, professional and digital empowerment of economic and socially disadvantaged group. It’s divided into soft skills, digi…
Human rights | Social inclusion

LGBTI+ Center: a place where you are welcome

The aim of the project is to fill a gap that exists in the Minho region and others bordering it, that is, the lack of a support center for the LGBTI + population. We intend to provide support and adv…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Olhão + Equal

The project will support the creation of a Municipal Plan for Non-Discrimination, as a public policy for the promotion of human rights and social inclusion, providing a response to tackle growing rad…

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