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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Environment and sustainability | Community development


We intend to create a civic living lab to build resilience and collectively overcome our local, communitary and ecological vulnerability, in the face of the global crisis scenarios we are actually de…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

NaturPI - Working with and for the local community

We want to promote awareness not only about environmental but also social issues. Initiating a wave of change in peoples' mindset by educating, inspiring, creating ambassadors and recruiting voluntee…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Zerowaste Tomorrow

Basic concepts: Reduce, Reuse, Rethink, Recycle. Creating pratical working spaces, spaces that connect people, things and ideas. Working with the whole community to minimise waste by education and re…
Environment and sustainability

Liquid Harmony

Water is a common good, rivers know no borders, therefore they belong to all. Water Democracy aims to empower citizens and NGOs to be actively involved in decision making and management regarding thi…
Environment and sustainability


The “CHANGE UP” is a community intervention project, facilitated by GAF (NGO), with people in Gouveia Municipality (PT), a rural council located in the inland of Portugal. The project aims to promote…
Environment and sustainability

LEGIT - Laboratory for an Ecological Citizenship

LEGIT is an open lab striving to develop participatory and grassroots ecological citizenship, through an eco-parliament, community radio and book, participatory documentary and open letters. We are b…
Environment and sustainability

Point of (no) return

What can we take from the COVID-19 to tackle the climate crisis? From uniting behind science (combating fake news) to the power of small actions. We aim to challenge youth with low civic and politica…
Environment and sustainability


"A SUL" means literally "At South". The so-called "south margin" of Lisbon city, hosts many people who work daily at the capital, with an average lower income. Scattered in different communities wit…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Local Food 4 Local Economy

Tired of watching the global food supply chains dictate what to eat and aware of the huge impact that food and transportation have on Portugal's ecological footprint, a non governmental organization …

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