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FIRE theatre-art-culture PROJECT

FIRE theatre-art-culture PROJECT

Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment


We plan collective actions in the direction of involving young people and children in activities to meet people of different ages, with peers, to do interesting and useful things together, to act ind…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

HortiCulture Together

Following the great example of Epicurus we plan to provide local society with a Garden* – place where different people may feel free to exchange ideas, work and learn together. This open dialogue spa…
Health | Social inclusion

Protect Our Children's Mental Health

One of the most disturbing and underestimated trend of our times is an impact of technology development to our kids' menthal health. We have been observing our kids in front of their screen for a cou…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Olhão + Equal

The project will support the creation of a Municipal Plan for Non-Discrimination, as a public policy for the promotion of human rights and social inclusion, providing a response to tackle growing rad…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Breaking free from instant lottery

Instant Lottery (scratch-cards) has been encouraging excessive gambling due to its association as a rewarding experience, rapid event frequency and short payout. In Portugal scratch-card sales have b…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment


The purpose of our campaign is to raise awareness of the public in the broadest sense about the unacceptable and irresponsible conduct of the society, when faced with sexual exploitation and abuse of…
Education and research | Social inclusion


Active citizenship and scientific knowledge are fundamental needs for the development and evolution of children. While children living in urban areas have access to better education opportunities, th…
Arts and cultural activities

Participatory Murals about Children's Rights

We want to involve children and youth from towns and villages in Lower Silesia region (Poland) to create murals presenting children's rights. In this way we will not only promote children's rights, b…
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