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These are the shortlisted project ideas of the Idea Challenge 2021. Winners will be announced in October.

Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Let’s talk to each other!

Nyugat Association is to launch a community video and podcast channel to enable people to communicate to each other. For this, we intend to involve and mentor the young people who are interested in t…
Community development | Social inclusion

Chance Radar

"In Hungary, Gypsies have not been able to assert themselves in the past, nor in the present" (Péter Szuhay) We want the future to be different! Community advocacy can be achieved in segregated neigh…
Community development

Marathon-like Community Development in Abaúj

In Hungary, we are the first to use the Community Development Marathon method to establish a long-term regional willingness to act. Groups of residents in diverse life situations, organized based on …
Community development | Social inclusion

Miskolc will be a Place for Everyone!

More than 10,000 vulnerable people live in the 17 poorest neighbourhoods in Miskolc city, most of them Roma. Our initiative and challenge is how to strengthen these depressed and distrustful communit…
Community development

Have a case!

There is a low level of civic culture and activity in Hungary. We believe that people are poorly addressed, and therefore less interested and less informed about more sensitive issues affecting our s…
Community development

Farming world, wake up!

Our settlement is surrounded by centuries-old farmland. The old knowledge and traditions associated with it are still present, but the people of the farms do not recognise their own values and intere…
Community development

‘Workers’ Parliament’

In Hungary, we experience that people has drifted apart. We are divided, party politics has divided us. But in a well-functioning democracy everyone should go on towards a common goal. We, civilians …
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

The negotiating court of advocacy

In Hungary, the advocacy capacity of non-governmental organizations is insufficient, which negatively affects the quality of life of their clients at risk. In order to improve their opportunities, wi…
Community development

The Acceptance of Other(nes)s

The chosen micro-region is mulnaonal and mulethnic. The different cultures, customs, and tradions of the variable naons and ethnic groups clash. Social acceptance of democracy and community involveme…

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