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Community development

Have a case!

Expansion of the activities of noÁr Movement, building of voluntary networks in three counties, in Hungary.


Who is behind this?

Aron Molnar

A noÁr mi vagyunk! Nonprofit Kft. / We are the noÁr! Nonprofit Ltd.


Who is joining forces?

Oltalom Charity Society


Greenpeace Hungary



Idea pitch

There is a low level of civic culture and activity in Hungary. We believe that people are poorly addressed, and therefore less interested and less informed about more sensitive issues affecting our society. Our example in Budapest shows that noÁr Movement is doing successful work in this field. Our goal is to create voluntary networks in three counties, following the Budapest model in order to build civil communities and implement our actions.

Where will your project idea take place?

Fejér county, Nógrád county, Pest county, Hungary

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

One of the foundations of democracy around the world is the civil movement, as well as the question of how citizens participate in the management of social affairs. What it’s most important basis looks like, the prevalence and activity of NGOs, which behind the human background is an important factor: employees and volunteers. This is the principle, our goal is to follow the motto of the noÁr Movement - Have a case! Based on this, develop a voluntary network, thus ensuring civil organization in all three counties. The societal challenge is to make the members of the population become active civilians from passive followers by participating in our actions. Let’s stand up for ourselves and others, think critically, support NGOs, take part in actions which move society forward.

Who are you doing it for?

Our main target group is basically the population of the three counties, from 10 to 80 years of age, regardless of belief or point of view or social background.
Our target groups are:
- The population of the selected areas from 10 to 80 years of age, they are the ones we address with our actions, they can become active members of our voluntary network
- NGOs, local governments, press: establishing cooperation in our local actions
- High school students: who are required to complete 50 hours of community service during a 4-year education period
- The whole country, as everyone can find out about our various actions, join them, monitor and support our activities on our social media platforms and website.

How do you plan to get there?

The basic goal of the project is to build new volunteer networks in three counties in 12 months to strengthen community engagement. The first step is to appoint a volunteer coordinator for each area, to manage the implementation of the volunteer network, and to recruit at least 20 fixed volunteers per county to our movement by the end of the project. At the beginning of the project, we will have a kick-off meeting and we will create kick-off podcasts to make our work transparent and to inform our followers. We hold a project meeting every month where we discuss actions for the next period, problems, and receive a report on the progress of the project. The methods of implementing our project and activating the population are the following:
- Organizing roundtable discussions about our current cases
- Organizing actions of local cases (at least once a month): food distribution, garbage collection, demonstrations, etc.,
- Collection of material donations for actions
We reach our target group through our social media channels and website, and we maintain a continuous dialogue with our followers on our online platforms. We cooperate with our partners and other NGOs and local governments in the preparation and implementation of our actions. At the end of the project, we will make a PR film that will briefly present the results, the events of the year.

What are the expected results?

The fundamental goal of our project is to deepen social commitment. We hope to be able to build well-functioning voluntary networks in the targeted areas by the end of the project phase. We hope that through our network and our actions we are able to deepen civic cohesion and engagement. We hope that we can strengthen active citizenship and connect differently-minded people. As a result of the project, we are able to gain more supporters in order to finance our voluntary networks after the project phase and we can continue our work in the future. Our long term goal is to build voluntary networks in the entire country. And of course, we do hope that everyone has a case!

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The essence of noÁr Movement is to educate its openness through its actions, to give a different perspective, so anyone who feels strength and perseverance can be an active participant in a civil society. Our goal is to present social problems and public affairs through our actions and songs, to draw attention to the importance of the present issues, to show the solutions that we can join at individual or community level. Through our social media channels we maintain a continuous dialogue with our followers in order to encourage everyone to take action, to involve the members of the community in the implementation of our actions. This is how our followers can move from passive listeners to active members.

Why is this idea important to you?

noÁr was founded 3 years ago by actor and activist Áron Molnár. We currently have a staff of nine - most of whom work on a voluntary basis. Since 2018, we have processed 11 cases and implemented a number of solidarity actions. We have started building our volunteer network and are currently working with 158 volunteers. During our project, our team will be expanded with three county coordinators who will be responsible for building the volunteer network in each county. Our achievements show that it is worth continuing the work. We have more than 48,000 followers on our Facebook page, 12,100 people on our Instagram page, our website was launched on December 6, 2020, with a total of 26,913 views so far and the number of our Youtube views exceeded four million.

€ 33500,-

Total budget

€ 33500,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Office cost: 1800 EUR
Personnel cost: 16300 EUR
Production cost: 13600 EUR
Other cost: 1800 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We are happy to receive negative criticism or positive feedbacks from organizations or individuals. If something is not clear, feel free to ask!


We are the noÁr


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