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Community development

The Acceptance of Other(nes)s

Creaon of Harmony in Mulnaonal/Mulethnic Micro Region


Who is behind this?

Elmó Petri

József Attila Közoktatásért Kultúráért,Közművelődésért,Tömegsportért és Diáksportért közalapítvány


Who is joining forces?

Galgaguta government


Becske government



Idea pitch

The chosen micro-region is mulnaonal and mulethnic. The different cultures, customs, and tradions of the variable naons and ethnic groups clash. Social acceptance of democracy and community involvement may be present in the local community only if all work for the same goal and decisions are based on broad social agreement. The project will achieve this idea trough performances, fesval, Cultural Commiees and a new division inside the foundaon.

Where will your project idea take place?

School and Social Space of Nógrádkövesd local government

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

We have manifold local nations in the region. They differ also in culture,habit and tradition. Globalisation cause of settlement more and more nations represents showed up by the time not to mention the number of the founded companies which have registered headquarters in the region.
Small local communities have issues to open for strangers who try to settle down in a long-range even if they from the same nation. In terms of that they mostly closing to the world and also for foreign visitors/nester. They not on the way to be a recipient community. Bigger communities with that behaviour bothering the democracy for every minority group in the region. In the future we would like to solve the problem and build a more Democratic community wich fit our new modern world standards.

Who are you doing it for?

The project target group is wide expansive because the problem foul the whole region. Hard to organise programmes where the representative model can take place from every national/gentilic represents. The common programmes therein helps. Performances are going to arrange in the school building, where national/gentilic represents(staffer,all-Hungarian leaders, researchers)give a talk of the source of the tradition and culture, the successful assimilation is the best practice to highlight that points which will be contribute to the success.
The national festival will take part in the summer time(20-22 in august). It will contain ecumenical worship, concern dance and music demo from every gentilic culture,tradition and habits.

How do you plan to get there?

We want to reach the target group with the proper forums. On the performances we count with the ersons contribution who reached somethng in the given social class and represent some kind of political power(embassy,commercel representation, cultural representation ),who is valid in respect of outcomes. The performances will be opened, the local prominent persons will get direct invitation who are the social group main characters ,leader personalities. All the performances will be hold like a keynote speech and on the stand up everyone have the opportunity to discuss with the performer. All the participants will bring the new impacts to there social group where they can discuss there new knowledges. They can give a feed back on the next festival or at the foundation.
The national festival will take part in the summer time(20-22 in august). It will contain ecumenical worship, concern dance and music demo from every gentilic culture,tradition and habits.
On the festival every nations/nationality can perform /have an opportunity to introduce there nation. The lecture can be music,dance or other category. The evening programmes will be performed by well known persons. On the event also every one have the opportunity to show there national foods(they can also support the event with booking the area or provide food.) we can provide for space for the selling organisation.

What are the expected results?

As the result of the project the settlement every minority will collaborate as a big community. They will accept there different cultural habits only just a little step can move the whole society to be a better group. Inside of the municipality foundation will be a new section where the local government can collect and share there experience with the citizens and the citizens also can represent there minority group in a democratic way.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Inside of the local community segregation/detachment will reduce(end). People can think,work together for one goal, stereotype are going to reduce against minority groups and the resulting conflicts also.The local community decisions will mirror the common goal that means the democracy have been upraised.

Why is this idea important to you?

We belevive in the power of the community and if we work togother we can build new power of the community. We want to give opportunity to every cizen’s to change there behaviour.
As a result of this project named the Acceptance of Other(nes)s), the efficient cooperaon of local communies can be realised. Learning about the cultures, customs, and tradions of variable naons and ethnic groups brings the acceptance of diversion closer, thus residents will be able to think together and work together for a beer future. A new division in the foundaon represents the mulnaonal/mulethnic cultures by listening to their members, at the same me this division aims to co

€ 62243,-

Total budget

€ 35000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

5 performances organisaon costs: 3 929 €
mulethnic fesval organisaon (1 me 3 day): 40 029 €
PR, markeng (project): 11 429 €
Projectleading costs: 4 286 €
Staff wage: 2 571 €
Municipality and Slovak Ethnic Municipality of Galgaguta, Municipality of Becske, Meditaon and Retreat Center in Becske, Comagro Sardo Ltd.: food at the fesval 15 000 € value (3 000 €/partners).
Grants not included in the budget from Partners: office and kitchen space available, organizaonal tasks

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We are open for any kind of idea . If we get some feedback we alwys discuss and we consider to change our idea or something in our project.



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