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These are the shortlisted project ideas of the Idea Challenge 2021. Winners will be announced in October.

Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Young Advocates on Better Education for All

We will empower the Vratsa Student Municipality Council to become an advocate for better education and inspire young people across Bulgaria. Through training and mentoring by the country’s leading NG…
Arts and cultural activities | Law, advocacy and policy

CentrALT-Centre for Polish Jewish Art and Activism

We want to establish CentrALT – a year-round physical centre for Jewish art and activism – to tackle long-standing issues that, unexamined, have solidified or even normalized problematic representat…
Education and research | Law, advocacy and policy

Be an active citizen

The judicial system in Bulgaria is inefficient. This is a waste of time and money for citizens and businesses looking to protect their rights more effectively. In small settlements, citizens do not h…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Politicians By Chance

We want to bring in Italy first and then in Europe the legal institute of the citizens’ assembly of people randomly selected. These discuss, helped by experts, about a matter and propose their soluti…
Law, advocacy and policy | Social inclusion

Păuleasca on the right way

Isolation,helplessness,reduced access to education and services.These 3 things define the community, which in the winter and in the flooding season becomes completly isolated from the outside world, …
Law, advocacy and policy | Social inclusion


We are launching a series of programmes aimed at:TEACHING,AWARENESS, EDUCATION!!! In order to educate adults and children how to effectively help the disabled on the one hand,to raise the awareness o…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Diversity in Storytelling

Polish government is waging a polarizing narrative war against LGBT, religious and refugee minorities in recent years. Many Poles believed these stories, e.g we became the most homophobic country in …
Environment and sustainability | Law, advocacy and policy

The Tale of Agrafa

"The Tale of Agrafa" is a project that aims to create an active community, which through its actions will pursuit the exclusion of Agrafa ridges from the societal and environmental hazardous establis…
Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Youth For You

People are disengaged with politics despite the influence that it has on their life Election turn outs are low, especially in the 18-25 age group This means that extremists get an undiluted vote an…

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