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These are the shortlisted project ideas of the Idea Challenge 2021. Winners will be announced in October.

Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability


We invite you to cooperate and co-organize www.ForestFestival.Eu in the last European Natural Forest in Bialowieza, Poland, Europe. The real natural forest is resistant to pests and fires. Everyone …
Environment and sustainability | Health

Children love Natural world and are part of it

Historically humans lived in more rural and wild landscapes, and children spent more of their childhood outdoors, allowing exposure to more microbes. How could we plant a love of nature in kids havin…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Civic Data Commons L’Aquila

Civic Commons L’Aquila aims to reduce the territorial and community fragmentation of L’Aquila by fostering the use of digital commons collection together with spaces and moments of civic participatio…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Paws for Thought

In our country of Greece, state funds and health services are inadequate and inconsistent. This results in tensions rising on the allready strained subject of animal welfare. We propose the creation …
Education and research | Environment and sustainability

Ex3: three energies for civic innovation

We need to re-active network civic energies to save our health and the Earth. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the need for good verified information, access to information and data of the PA and …
Community development | Environment and sustainability

In Solidarity Towards Sustainability

Project aims at building social cohesion in one of the poorest and most depopulated areas in Croatia, providing concrete services to its impoverished population, and initiating public discussion abou…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Let's make Anhovo shine again

Anhovo with surroundings is one of the most degraded areas in Slovenia due to heavy industry and asbestos use in the past. Severely affected by the industrial pollution is facing demographic, environ…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Lyulin - Young & Brave

The project will engage Lyulin’s young citizens to identify key and most pressing problems of their local area and to come up with solutions which can be implemented in cooperation with local authori…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Burning issues

Energy poverty is a considerable challenge in North-East Hungary. It is a topic at the intersection of various social, housing and climate policies, therefore the process of finding the right tools t…

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