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These are the shortlisted project ideas of the Idea Challenge 2021. Winners will be announced in October.

Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

VOKS - Votes count!

Political activity is painfully low among young Hungarians, barely only radical movements and solutions can gain popularity among them. This situation, letting populist delegates dominate the electio…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Burning issues

Energy poverty is a considerable challenge in North-East Hungary. It is a topic at the intersection of various social, housing and climate policies, therefore the process of finding the right tools t…
Community development | Social inclusion

Chance Radar

"In Hungary, Gypsies have not been able to assert themselves in the past, nor in the present" (Péter Szuhay) We want the future to be different! Community advocacy can be achieved in segregated neigh…
Community development | Social inclusion

Circles of Friends of the Elderly

Sitting alone in the room and watching the wall, thinking back to old times. Days pass by without talking to anyone. This is the reality of 60% of hungarian elderly, who are the most isolated in Euro…
Law, advocacy and policy | Social inclusion


We are launching a series of programmes aimed at:TEACHING,AWARENESS, EDUCATION!!! In order to educate adults and children how to effectively help the disabled on the one hand,to raise the awareness o…
Community development | Social inclusion

BeFogadó - InnClusive

There's a gap between disabled people and able bodied: that they don't know each other! Our community space gives both sides an opportunity to solve this problem. Imagine not only a pleasant physical…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Debate Space

We will empower workers of community spaces in the capital and in the countryside to run and organise debate clubs through a series of workshops in team building, debate and our debate game "VoxPop''…
Education and research | Social inclusion

All Equal Under the Sun

Roma people in the village of Napkor can only break the cycle of poverty through getting a quality education for their kids. It is crucial for them to learn to get their voice heard. Our objectives a…
Community development | Social inclusion

Community center for a citizen-led neighborhood

In our neighborhood, most people struggle to just get by, while living very alienated lives, in spite of sharing many common problems and suffering the same injustices. There is also a lack of instit…

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