Community development, Social inclusion

Inspiration of Silver Wisdom

Encourage civil activities of retired countryside people to make them feel their impact and responsibility through microprograms in a remote disadvantaged area, Hungrary. Revitalization of voluntarism


Who is behind this?

Viktor Morovics

Alapítvány Alsómocsoládért (Foundation for Alsómocsolád)


Who is joining forces?

Hegyhát- Észak Térségi Egyesület


Alsómocsolád Village Municipality


Municipality of Mágocs Town


Municipality of Bikal (700inh), Mekényes (300inh), Nagyhajmás (300inh) are partners with their human and media capacity and their citizens are targeted.


Idea pitch

Elderly people in remote rural areas feel disregarded, impactless in their community. This generation is perceived as losers of the social, economical, cultural changes. Their attitudes have discouraging influence on younger generations. Our aim is to facilitate their community activities & to make them as role models, inspiration for younger generations. Building bridges among generations, indigenous and settler people, local and foreign cultures through mutual goals and activities.

Where will your project idea take place?

North Hills of Baranya County - Hungary - 5 settlements

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Ageing population. As well as several foreign-borned people are settled in the area (SK, RO, SU, NL, UK, BE, DE, Africa). Links between the locals and international people are limited due to language challenges. There is openness to contact from all sides, but this does not happen itself, it needs facilitation and mentoring. Community activities, especially if they are initiated by the target group strengthen the diverse elderly community in the whole area. As the region is remote it is critical to have a vital, inspiring, active community as it attracts settlers to join and to be part. Otherwise it turns into depopulated area in 15-20 years. The program will inspire not the local communities only but we are committed to make a role model for other similar areas.

Who are you doing it for?

'Target group' is the whole local community as we can handle it integrated only.
The focus is on the elderly - silver- people after their retirement but in active health condition. High proportion of them live alone and their families live away in cities. People are open but more reactive than active they do not feel their confidence to take the 1st step. Our actions were topdown initiatives so far which did not generate behaviour change. Our findings were that proper facilitation of bottom up initiatives changes their attitude and behaviour.
Senior Settlers are active people with experience of own responsibility. They are open to take part in the cultural bridge building,
Active age community members will take part but the action initiatives afre from the silver generation.

How do you plan to get there?

The expected outcome: healthy, active, confident, inspired, responsible people within strong communities and region.

Pillar 1: own initiatives for community

1.1 Explore general needs and openness of senior group

1.2 To call silver people to initiate idea for micro collaboration actions (at least 3 people together) supported by facilitators, and involvement of senior volunteers getting a different perspective and inspiration

1.3 20initiatives are supported by microfunds. 3-3 initiatives by settlements and 5 initiatives which cover the whole region

1.4 Local communities vote on initiatives and the most supported initiatives will have the microfund for implementation

1.5 Idea holders make campaign locally to have support and participation of their community for their idea. Facilitators and volunteers will help them in campaign but will not act instead

1.6 The winning initiatives are supported to be implemented

1.7 Reinforcement to fix active attitude and behaviour

Pillar 2: Silver Volunteer Program

Silver voluntarism is very limited in Hungary. We are committed to establish the Silver Volunteer Centre in Hungary

1. Organizational preparation,

2. Local senior volunteers are present in the program to inspire local volunteerism,

3. External volunteers are to be involved-funds to be explored.

What are the expected results?

-strengthening interactions of local people,

-personal responsibility, 

-at least the 75% of microinitiatives are remaining for the future,

-new spontaneous local initiatives,

-attractive, inspiring community life for locals and new settellers,

-Silver Volunteer Centre,

-role model for other area,

-longer life through happy active people.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Activity is medicine for depression, community is cures self sabotage. Active ageing is the wisdom and inspiration of the silver generation.
The initiative drives ownership and responsibility. Ability to collaborate makes higher impact on their community and decision makers. Local municipalities are supportive and open, but this program will be also a learning opportunity for new ways off collaboration.

People will strengthen their abilities to let their voice be heard by decision makers.

Participants will feel their freedom to act.

The project will serve as a role model and inspiration for other regions.

Silver volunteer centre will drive the whole society for change.

Why is this idea important to you?

Rita Bakradze-foreign borned coach, artist, long experience in cultural and rural development and volunteer programs in CEE and Central Asia, Caucasus,
Anikó Balogh-leader of the foundation with long lasting experince of local elderly care projects and initiatives, mentor, community builder, trainer
László Dicső-Mayor, Alsómocsolád for 30 years experience and network,
Zsuzsa Halmai-Regional Coordinator, 30+yrs experience, community and social development
Jeanne Vijlbrief-foreign borned activist with Worldwide experience
Gabriella Zagyva-community builder, green projects, local and international project experience,
All the members are motivated to live in a vital strong community in this beautiful landscape with happy, active and responsible people

€ 34100,-

Total budget

€ 34100,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

20Microprograms donation-triggering for activity: 8000Eur
Local Senior Volunteer incentives, meals: 1000Eur
Silver Wisdom Event (one off intergenerational regional program, microevent expo): 2500Eur
Project support events: 2000Eur
Communication, media, PR: Eur2800
Project managament: 3400Eur
Community building, facilitation: 12500Eur
External consultants (Legal, IT, media, financial): 1900

We apply for small grant of US Embassy on External Senior Volunteer pillar of the program.

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Any feedback, especially experience driven, in welcome. We would be interested to reiceive suggestions for potential international collaborators, too.



Idea created on April 6, 2021
Last edit on April 26, 2021

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