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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Human rights


The project strives to enlighten the problematic of LGBTIQ individuals living in traditional societies. The activities which will be conducted during the project realization process include: writing …
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

No stone unturned

Learning the dry-stone walling skill through public workshops offers recovering addicts an opportunity to regain physical and mental abilities, respect from the community and a valuable skill. Tutori…
Arts and cultural activities

Cinema and cultural place renovation

Cinema Veli Lošinj it has existed since 1920, when it was purposely built for the needs of cinema screenings that were active until 1945. After the end of the Second World War, the building was conve…
Arts and cultural activities

Classical Music Project-Women Only

Throughout history, position of women in society was underestimated for a long period of time. Some reminders of this worldview are still present in the Croatian society and especially in culturally …
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

What’s on in the city?

The project implements innovative and socially engaged activities in the field of visual arts and non-formal education. The project addresses the lack of involvement of young people from the suburbs …
Arts and cultural activities

Diversity is a treasure, not an issue

In ethnically divided Vukovar we will face a challenge to change local/national mindset that Vukovar is a “case”, an “issue”, and provoke local citizens’ active participation on promotion of their de…
Arts and cultural activities


Interactive theatre education and workshops that through exercise and improvisation leads to the implementing gender mainstreaming. Through various theater and stage educations, a solution can be fou…
Arts and cultural activities

The women of my town – Remembering women’s stories

Why are most of the Croatian cities “male”? We want to provoke young people in small towns to reconsider and research the role of women in their local history. Based on the research findings, a graph…
Arts and cultural activities


Developing a civil, open and democratic society is achieved through the production of new artistic practices and youth subculture, with active participation of citizens as co-creators of art works an…

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