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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability


We invite you to cooperate and co-organize www.ForestFestival.Eu in the last European Natural Forest in Bialowieza, Poland, Europe. The real natural forest is resistant to pests and fires. Everyone …
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Culture is the ability to build relationships

We want to set up a social forum of social activation. We focus on art & beauty understood as a tool for building relationships between people &man with nature. Practicing art & calligraphy, running…
Arts and cultural activities

Freccia Azzurra: Back to the future

The project aims to transform Freccia Azzurra, one of the last traditional lagoon boats, into a multipurpose community's cultural hub. A place of cultural regeneration where past is connected to pres…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development


Main objective is to build bridges between polarized political stands, unrelated social groups, opposing views and belief systems through means of art and theatre. Residents of different ages, social…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


All ethnic groups contribute significantly to the cultural identity of a locality, influencing each other in all aspects of daily life. Romanians, Hungarians and Roma people have lived together for h…
Arts and cultural activities | Youth participation and empowerment

Consent to Dissent

Nonprofit spaces are vital for young people who live in rural areas. The small town of Cerkno, Slovenia is fortunate to have a long history of self-organised youth work within the C.M.A.K. youth cent…
Arts and cultural activities | Law, advocacy and policy

CentrALT-Centre for Polish Jewish Art and Activism

We want to establish CentrALT – a year-round physical centre for Jewish art and activism – to tackle long-standing issues that, unexamined, have solidified or even normalized problematic representat…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development


Trikiklo delivers art in the 6th district of Athens, acting as an Ambassador of Victoria Square Project beyond walls. Trikiklo is a carrier of infrastructure, knowledge and joy. It activates three sp…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

We are all our community - Activate Shipka

Art is a powerful tool for addressing sensitive topics such as democracy, human rights, inequalities. It’s successfully used for social inclusion, because of its strong level of engagement with the a…

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