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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion | Community development

The Healing Countryside

“I have never thought I could be marginalized because of an illness!” Does it sound distant to you? We hope so! However, people with mental, social or learning difficulties, especially in the rural c…
Community development

Mestura Fuerteventura

Mestura is a Civic Laboratory for the promotion and cohesion of communities in islands and peripheral territories. It is focused on the development of infrastructures and meeting spaces (presential a…
Social inclusion

Let’s flourish!

Let our community flourish in its diversity! Our main objectives are to raise awareness on integration as a two-way process, to empower immigrant women to take an active part and to build inclusive w…
Community development | Social inclusion


This civic project has the ambition to create the cultural, social and institutional conditions to reform the corporate relationship between workers and entrepreneurs, actively operating in society t…
Community development | Social inclusion


Due to comm. barriers people with hearing problems are marginalized and disconnected from society and because of that are often feeling less worthy. We want to bring sign language closer to our citiz…
Social inclusion


#EarlyBird creates a supportive network for abused women and sheds light on the first signs of violent relationships. Many towns lack relevant support, but they all harbor women in need and citizens …
Community development

Shake The Street

We all know lonely heroes around us. People who has the passion, the mission, but not enough power. Our project idea helps these Young people to be able to make their "community dreams" come true. We…
Arts and cultural activities | Environment and sustainability

Erratic-a laboratory of art and rural environment

In the ancient village, the town above, it seems that there are only two possible futures: the complete abandonment or the transformation into a tourist attraction; our idea fosters different and div…
Community development

Taking the fear out of local politics

Engaged citizens who want to serve their communities as local representatives often know little about how local government works. They want to use their vision and goodwill in local office but they a…

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