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Social inclusion


Islamophobia has increased considerably in Slovakia, but… What if Slovaks meet their Muslim neighbors? What if Priest, Rabbi and Imam meet in Encounter? Slovaks know very little about Islam and Musli…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy


The civil culture and the motivation for participation in the governance in the small communities in the district of Burgas are at a lower level than the ones needed in the democratic society. The pr…
Environment and sustainability


"A SUL" means literally "At South". The so-called "south margin" of Lisbon city, hosts many people who work daily at the capital, with an average lower income. Scattered in different communities wit…
Community development | Education and research

Bringing digital closer to citizens

We’re living in a world full of technology. We’re aiming towards autonomous cars, space traveling and other innovative ideas, which is great, as it will lead the human race to evolution. While th…
Community development

Active youth - friendly society

Challenge: Is there a recipe how to build a youth friendly municipality? Objectives: Identify local communities where young people are not involved in the process of building their own local communi…
Community development

Prague – the city for living!

The quality of life in Prague is decreasing due to poor governance. The project will strengthen and network civic initiatives, provide them with expert and legal support, create new information tools…
Youth participation and empowerment


The idea is to bring children between 10-11 years closer to the world of civil protection in order to make them citizens more aware of their territory, of themselves, of the potential of one and the …
Social inclusion


PEACEBUILDERS is a hands-on peacebuilding program, where multicultural, cross-generational and gender-inclusive local and refugee children, unaccompanied minors and youth, co-create actions, policies…
Social inclusion

Participation - we the citizens take the lead

The project aims to stimulate civic participation in small cities in Northeastern Bulgaria, by promoting dialogue to create an environment for social inclusion, improving interaction between stakehol…

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