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Community development | Social inclusion

Inspiration of Silver Wisdom

Elderly people in remote rural areas feel disregarded, impactless in their community. This generation is perceived as losers of the social, economical, cultural changes. Their attitudes have discoura…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Local Ideas with Local People

Two of our projects were mainly focusing on local personalities and geting closer to the local knowledge, and also maintaining a cultural and debate life during the pandemic online. We would like to …
Community development

One-day-guide on Via Transilvanica

Via Transilvanica (VT) is a 1000 km trail unique in Romania. The already set up sections are described in a guide: the trail is divided in daily hikes, recommending sleeping and eating options in vil…
Arts and cultural activities


Interactive theatre education and workshops that through exercise and improvisation leads to the implementing gender mainstreaming. Through various theater and stage educations, a solution can be fou…
Community development

Life after CoOalL - The Mine of Democracy

The transformation of Silesia, the largest mining region in Europe, is taking place now, but without the active participation of the local mining community. Instead of strikes and smoking tyres, we w…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Common roots: trees that build community

Human beings have always gathered around a big tree to sort out how lo live together. We want to create a participative orchard managed by 100 families where all the fruit landraces and social groups…
Environment and sustainability

A network for equity and environment

Aim 1: promote knowledge about the link between production/consumption models and climate change, the conservation of the biodiversity, of history and culture of our region, TARGET : farmers, sheph…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Operastudio Puglia

Con l’Operastudio Puglia si vuole puntare la lente d’ingrandimento sul mondo della formazione e produzione in ambito artistico. Il percorso scelto permette un insieme di attività che diventano proces…
Environment and sustainability

City Air

The initiator and coordinator of the City Air program is The Romanian Smart City Association, along with its partners. City Air is an air quality monitoring program in schools on a national scale, ai…

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