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Community development | Social inclusion

Past, Present, Future: Discover, Build, Ground

Evosmos, receiver of migrants in other moments of the 20th Century, is today the home of the newly arrived refugees who live with little connection with the neighbourhood’s civic fabric. The project …
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Make It Green Lesvos

The world is racing towards carbon neutrality by 2050 to reverse climate change. We want the Youth to be the forefront in this race. Local and refugee youth in Lesvos have few opportunities to learn …
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Culture-driven revitalization of rural communities

Cultural residency Podlog pod Bohorjem aims at facilitating communal vitality in the rural Kozjansko region, which has historically suffered from depopulation due to negative economic and rural-discr…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Play and Nature Academy

Everyday life in front of the computer screens already occupies most of our daily lives, which leads to anxiety, lack of motivation, but at the same time clearly emphasizes on our lack of social cont…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Roadmap to Common Future

Quiet mountain villages around Jelovica plateau are becoming a tourist hot-spot. In the hands of 9 local communities lies a big responsibility: timely and joint decision for a sustainable future. N…
Education and research | Environment and sustainability

Nature my Home

The project aims to strengthen the community by raising awareness of the local heritage and unique biodiversity of the primeval forest of Kočevski Rog as well as creating opportunities for non-formal…
Environment and sustainability | Law, advocacy and policy

Shaman project

The social challenge is to demonstrate to the inhabitants of Basilicata that local authorities do not do their utmost to monitor the real environmental and health impacts of the oil industry. In addi…
Social inclusion

Roma feminists creating dialogue for change

The impoverished port city of Cartagena in south Spain is challenged by a great risk of polarization, as the far right party continues getting huge political power. Our city needs empowered social le…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Academy of ecological changes

Our project is aimed at involving young people from the region in creating local ecological initiatives together with their local community and acquiring knowledge in the field of participation and c…
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