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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Environment and sustainability


Developing Agenda 2030 in medium and small cities building a bridge and filling the current gap between scientists, technicians and citizens to maintain an established relationship among them and inc…
Environment and sustainability | Community development


Autocoles merge 3 interrelated aspects: education through practice, creative reuse of materials using art as a working tool, and social and spatial transformation. Objective is to build playgrounds a…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Biela y Tierra / Crank and Earth

Biela y Tierra shows real projects which currently are alternatives to confronting the challenges we face as a society. Travelling by bike, we exchange experiences in depopulated areas to empower pro…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Biochar Educational Project

Act locally, think globally. We will train and create a dynamic network of 600 Biochar ambassadors in Girona formed by young people aged 12-18 and users of social gardens at risk of exclusion who wan…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion


Urban environment is experiencing big changes and should be rethought. The city of the future should -among other musts- reformulate their impact on the planet. Biotic City is a long-term positive …
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Common roots: trees that build community

Human beings have always gathered around a big tree to sort out how lo live together. We want to create a participative orchard managed by 100 families where all the fruit landraces and social groups…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Communities Movement in Ttransition ❤️ 👑

Ours innovative project has been collaboratively designed to create prerequisites for syste matic-change collaboration, between local authorities and transition initiatives. We all see many examples…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Connecting Roots

Rural areas of Castelló province are lacking innovative initiatives that make use and take care of their heritage and help to stop depopulation. We aim to get together the rural communities in a part…
Environment and sustainability | Community development


We intend to create a civic living lab to build resilience and collectively overcome our local, communitary and ecological vulnerability, in the face of the global crisis scenarios we are actually de…

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