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Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Act Green: Young People as Game Changers

Young people are the agents of change, and small cities and villages are the living labs where high-school students can shape local communities and help them embrace environmental policies and behavi…
Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Active and Responsible

In the narrow sense, we define policy as the guidance of civil society. It is of great importance that young people also take part in this guidance of civil society. The "Active and Responsible" is a…
Law, advocacy and policy | Social inclusion


We are launching a series of programmes aimed at:TEACHING,AWARENESS, EDUCATION!!! In order to educate adults and children how to effectively help the disabled on the one hand,to raise the awareness o…
Education and research | Law, advocacy and policy

Be an active citizen

The judicial system in Bulgaria is inefficient. This is a waste of time and money for citizens and businesses looking to protect their rights more effectively. In small settlements, citizens do not h…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Breaking free from instant lottery

Instant Lottery (scratch-cards) has been encouraging excessive gambling due to its association as a rewarding experience, rapid event frequency and short payout. In Portugal scratch-card sales have b…
Arts and cultural activities | Law, advocacy and policy

CentrALT-Centre for Polish Jewish Art and Activism

We want to establish CentrALT – a year-round physical centre for Jewish art and activism – to tackle long-standing issues that, unexamined, have solidified or even normalized problematic representat…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Centripetal Ancona - Ancona Centripeta

How to change the perception of a city from an idea of lack of opportunities and a standard quality of life in a magnetic nebula of: innovation, participation, engagement and well-being? How to make…
Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

Community Assistance Centre

Students who want to help their home region are going to develop an assistance centre platform where students will provide free legal aid, psychological counselling and tutoring for youngsters with l…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Diversity in Storytelling

Polish government is waging a polarizing narrative war against LGBT, religious and refugee minorities in recent years. Many Poles believed these stories, e.g we became the most homophobic country in …

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