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These are the winning ideas of 2021.



We address apathy to politics and governance. We unlock the potential of youngsters, we empower them with civic competences, we motivate them to get involved in strengthening participatory democracy.…
Community development

Generation Bridge

The seniors and youths separated by modern world developments get together to bridge their competences one to another. The youths teach how the seniors to use digital devices and seniors teach the yo…

Citizens’ Jury as new model for Direct Democracy

We aim to involve DIRECTLY the citizens in the decision-making level and to give a chance for EVERY woman and man to be heard. We shall give a chance for all, including those who feel excluded, beca…
Social inclusion

Roma Voice 2021

We aim to make sure Roma voices are heard in the upcoming parliamentary election in 2021. The initiative will strive to ensure political committment towards the Roma community on behalf of people fro…

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