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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion

INITIATIVE 4ALL - Disabled for inclusive Life

INITIATIVE 4ALL - Disabled for inclusive Life will raise awareness, empower disabled (physically handicapped; deaf and hard of hearing; blind and visually impaired) to advocate their rights in local …
Arts and cultural activities


Main objective is to build bridges between polarized political stands, unrelated social groups, opposing views and belief systems through means of art and theatre. Residents of different ages, social…
Social inclusion

Regional Center for Deinstitutionalization

In Museum of Madness we share the story about Slovenia being one of the most institutionalised countries in the world. We aim to raise awareness on the right of people with disabilities to live indep…

Civic incubator

Project will empower the youth with skills necessary for campaigning and effective civic participation through implementing 3 campaigns in 3 local communities in Eastern Slovenia that will address sp…
community award
Community development

Empowering rural women

The inclusion of women in entrepreneurship is a key contribution to the revitalization of rural areas and encourages the prevention of the growth of gender inequality. Target groups are: Women in ru…

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