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These are the shortlisted project ideas of the Idea Challenge 2021. Winners will be announced in October.

Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Centripetal Ancona - Ancona Centripeta

How to change the perception of a city from an idea of lack of opportunities and a standard quality of life in a magnetic nebula of: innovation, participation, engagement and well-being? How to make…
Environment and sustainability | Law, advocacy and policy

Shaman project

The social challenge is to demonstrate to the inhabitants of Basilicata that local authorities do not do their utmost to monitor the real environmental and health impacts of the oil industry. In addi…
Law, advocacy and policy | Youth participation and empowerment

For an active and circular citizenship

Stimulate the involvement of young citizens (voters or not) and their families in administrative policy at the local level through a path of knowledge of the rights and duties of a citizen and instit…
Environment and sustainability | Law, advocacy and policy

Green gardens of democracy

Green gardens of innovation excellence to promote the technological know how ideas exchange in the area of law enhancement and civic participation. Development of innovation tech incubators and labs…
Community development | Law, advocacy and policy

Politicians By Chance

We want to bring in Italy first and then in Europe the legal institute of the citizens’ assembly of people randomly selected. These discuss, helped by experts, about a matter and propose their soluti…

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