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Human rights

Good winds from land

We are people just like you, tired of standing by and watching. We want to set sail a ship in the Central Mediterranean in order to aid the shipwrecked people fleeing from disasters and extreme pover…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment


The purpose of our campaign is to raise awareness of the public in the broadest sense about the unacceptable and irresponsible conduct of the society, when faced with sexual exploitation and abuse of…
Community development | Human rights

The Rainbow Monster Project

Poland is not an LGBT friendly country, even in a big cities. That is common knowledge. However, few can imagine how difficult it is for sexual minorities to live in the provinces, in the countryside…
Community development | Human rights

What's The Problem?

In a city where poverty and human rights violations are a norm, youngsters and working-class people cannot defend themselves from social injustices in any way and become hostages to a poor living env…
Community development | Human rights

Let's meet. Everything starts from conversation

Tha aim of the project is to facilitate dialogue between various polarised groups about important social issues in city of Zgorzelec. We will begun with open dialogues to diagnose the ignitable subje…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Future Memories

Facing an increase of the extremist right wing and descrimnation speech in Portugal specially with the Roma communities and in the particular case of Lourinhã, action is needed. This work will be h…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Women for Women - W4W

W4W is about giving voice and empowering women who have experienced homelessness and are in the process of recovery. They want to support other women who are now in a homeless situation, by creating …
Human rights | Social inclusion

Professional realization of blind people

Aproximately 2000 blind and partially sighted people aged under sixty live in Sofia region of Bulgaria. About 20% of them are employed. The rest majority of 80% of these people are jobless. The main…
Human rights | Youth participation and empowerment


Are you confused before every election because you don't know if you are making a right decision? Then join us in our workshops where we will get to know our political parties, their structure, main …

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