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Community development | Health

Be Involved

The project will create a bridge between those who do not believe that there are people in extreme poverty, those who live in it and local authorities. People living in urban areas do not know the t…
Health | Social inclusion

No One Is Free Until Everyone Is Free

At the suburbs of Zagreb and with the view on the main landfill of the Croatian capital, our team wants to create with asylum seekers and their new neighbors an oasis of dialogue and tolerance. In a …
Environment and sustainability | Health

Children love Natural world and are part of it

Historically humans lived in more rural and wild landscapes, and children spent more of their childhood outdoors, allowing exposure to more microbes. How could we plant a love of nature in kids havin…
Community development | Health

Sport to develop skills and promote inclusion

Recently our project expanded to Athens and we are super motivated to grow our community there and take our project to the next phase. Where the project on Lesvos is focused on temporary stress relie…
Community development | Health

It’s on Our Plate and We Care

How to build a healthy environment for the whole school community, while respecting the boundaries of our planet? Almost everyone agrees that healthy school nutritional environment is important, but …
Health | Social inclusion

"Public Health Narratives"

Bringing together diverse people originating from host (Greek) and hosted (refugee and migrants) communities to discuss and exchange views, perceptions and knowledge on (public) health issues has a p…
Health | Social inclusion

Arianna. Connect isolated people.

Project "Arianna" is born from a young female engineer who, having faced an oncological disease, experienced firsthand the social isolation and lack of information of when one is catapulted into a di…
Health | Social inclusion

Healthy minds for better society

Most of the citizens in Smolyan region don’t trust the local authorities. They refuse to take part in social initiatives living isolated lives, which is threatening their mental health. We believe …
Community development | Health

Women of the Islands

Life on Croatian islands has two faces - tourism’s summer sun&sea and year-round inhabitants’ isolation. On-island women’s reproductive health services depend on the availability and personal values …

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