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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Social inclusion

Women leading to decent housing and civic rights

We are an association of people who live in the unregulated neighborhood "La Cañada Real". We want: - to participate in making decisions that affect us, - be recognized in our capacity to solve our…
Community development


LabR is a pilot project to be implemented in Castilla la Mancha, one of the Spanish regions most affected by rural depopulation. By combining customary social science methods (interviews or desk rese…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Changing the World Through Art

People with special needs, migrants, other people, who are trying to fit in! Let’s help the society to accept them! We will use art as a medium for better understanding of their lives as it influence…
Community development

Go más allá! : you can do whatever you wish!

We aim to encourage youth to participate actively in their communities by providing them the skills needed. They will be trained on abilities about living in a global, intercultural and diverse socie…
Community development

E.C.O. Barrio [E.C.O. neighbourhood]

The acronym E.C.O. adds cultural and operational dimensions to the idea of ecologically sustainable co-created neighborhoods. In line with Culture2030Indicators, the project focuses on the role of co…
Arts and cultural activities

Collective Music across cultural borders

Our challenge is to reach artistic education for the social integration of vulnerable children in one of the most damaged neighborhoods in Madrid (Spain) where cultural differences are difficulting t…
Environment and sustainability | Community development


We intend to create a civic living lab to build resilience and collectively overcome our local, communitary and ecological vulnerability, in the face of the global crisis scenarios we are actually de…
Social inclusion | Community development

Mudéjar in Dialogue

Our project aims to open dialogue between 2 polarized groups living in rural areas around Zaragoza, the autochthonous people and migrants with Islamic background. We plan to organize activities such …
Arts and cultural activities

A fairer world through the theater.

The main objective is to transmit to Segovian society, through theater, the importance of contributing together to the construction of a fairer society. The project tries to involve all the society t…

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