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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Changing the World Through Art

People with special needs, migrants, other people, who are trying to fit in! Let’s help the society to accept them! We will use art as a medium for better understanding of their lives as it influence…
Arts and cultural activities

Collective Music across cultural borders

Our challenge is to reach artistic education for the social integration of vulnerable children in one of the most damaged neighborhoods in Madrid (Spain) where cultural differences are difficulting t…
Arts and cultural activities

A fairer world through the theater.

The main objective is to transmit to Segovian society, through theater, the importance of contributing together to the construction of a fairer society. The project tries to involve all the society t…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Creating community

We seek to promote a joint reflection on coexistence in the rural world that involves all the social groups that comprise it. With the collected opinions, we will create a community Forum Theater sho…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Archive Slum Lepe

"Archive Slum" is a collaborative art proposal that connects artists with the community of African seasonal workers in the shanty towns of Lepe, southern Spain. The aim of the project is to think and…
Arts and cultural activities


Program that facilitates creative interaction and the generation of links between an artist, a rural school community and a rural cultural institution in order to promote citizen participation throug…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Towards an agropolitan citizenship

Both rural periurban areas, affected by social devaluation, and peripheral urban environments, threatened by diverse factors of vulnerability, are seen as irrelevant territories in the common imagina…
Arts and cultural activities

Las rederas (Net Makers)

We’ll create a learning community with women from different backgrounds and nationalities living in the southern outskirts of Madrid to work, on the basis of inclusion and diversity, women’s experien…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


“Here there are dragons” (Hic sunt dracones) is what they wrote in medieval times when they did not know what was beyond the explored territory. This project seeks to give visibility, autonomy, and …

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