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Young people fighting for their future

Youth go green


Who is behind this?

Tanja Jakopič Rojec

Evropski kulturni in tehnološki center Maribor - European cultural and technological center Maribor



Who is joining forces?

School Centre Velenje - School of Mechanical Engineering, Geotechnics and Environment



School Centre Velenje is one of the largest Vocational Education and Training centres in Slovenia with long tradition and with 1954 students on initial and continuous 2ndary and highschool education.


Idea pitch

As young people do not have enough opportunities to do practical work and think about future, we decided to connect these factors and include Youth from rural areas of The Valley of Salek and prepare them during the project for mature and responsible thinking about their future-to enable them to be actively involved in the formulation of the development policy of their region based on the issues of sustainable development and a healthy future through the the use of renewable energy sources.

Where will your project idea take place?

In the Savinjska statistical region of Slovenia (The Valley of Salek).

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

In the Savinjska region in the Salek Valley, there is a need for long-term abandonment of the use of fossil fuels, abandonment of the use of coal and the introduction of the use of renewable energy sources. Due to the differences between the views of the energy profession and the state, it is essential to make young people aware that they will fight for a cleaner future. Therefore, this project is urgently needed to reach as many Youth as possible (which will be made possible by project collaboration with the high school). Young people at school would be well aware of the problems of the region in which they live and through the project we will teach them to think sustainably, which they do not get in regular school classes or, according to the curriculum, is not feasible.

Who are you doing it for?

We will work with Youth who live in this region, want to start their own families and get jobs, and who need to take care of their clean future. Until now, young people have not had the opportunity to co-create and participate in the development plans of the region. Young people are not important for decision-makers in state institutions. Therefore, they feel neglected. Maybe because they may have too little knowledge. Therefore, with our project and project idea, we want to raise awareness, professionally teach and prepare them so that they will be able to independently participate in decision-making on sustainable policies and to be able to raise their voices and justify the use of new, renewable energy sources in the region needs.

How do you plan to get there?

In the implementation of the project idea, we will use not only conventional but also newer digital methods. From the initial activities of knowledge transfer and information in expert lectures, to the implementation of workshops and the use of new teaching aids with which participants will train the use of renewable energy sources and simulate the environment in which they live, to round tables where participants will defend their views and get involved in dialogue with those responsible for sustainable development in state institutions. Dialogues will take place at local and regional level. Using new digital technology, we will create a dialogue at European level. We will also use the new social networks FB, Twitter, Instagram, with the help of which we will reach a much wider circle.

What are the expected results?

Within a year, we want to work actively in the youth environment and teach, inform and prepare the target group so far that it will be able to responsibly and professionally discuss its future and the use of renewable energy sources with actors shaping sustainable development in the region at the regional level and will at the same time be able to transfer their knowledge of the green future to younger target groups. We have no doubt that the target group of young people, after using attractive teaching aids and simulations in their environment, will responsibly act as an equal partner in agreements at the national level.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Youth co-create society at local and national or European level and thus gain skills that will benefit them in entering the labor market. In the training center, young people will actively conduct practical workshops, lead discussions, inform people in the region and gather information, present and defend technological solutions, co-shape local policy, prepare concepts for state bodies, connect through social networks with foreign youth organizations and participate in local environmental development projects and actions. We want the Youth involved in the project to gain new practical environmental knowledge and embark on a career path where they can be even more successful in decision-making.

Why is this idea important to you?

With this idea we want to connect young people, current issues and knowledge. And consequently, we want to activate young people to think innovatively and socially responsibly about their future. For our NGO Experimental Center, this will be an important task that will enable us to be more recognizable in society and in the market, increase our advantage over the competition, and at the same time we will take a big step towards the active involvement of young people. In this way, we will also be involved in the process of co-decision in the activities of social life.In the Savinjska region in the Salek Valley, there is a need for long-term abandonment of the use of fossil fuels, abandonment of the use of coal and the introduction of the use of renewable energy sources.

€ 48400,-

Total budget

€ 48400,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

office expenses costs 2500 EUR
travel and accommodation costs 2200 EUR
personnel costs 30000 EUR
public relations and communication costs 1900 EUR
external experts costs 9000 EUR
material and equipment costs 2800 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Be positive.
Be specific.
Be constructive.
Provide feedback from a neutral place.
Offer your observations, not “the facts.”
Appreciate the other’s strengths and their willingness to hear you.


European Cultural and Technological Center Maribor

Idea created on May 25, 2020
Last edit on May 27, 2020

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