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We are Prejudices

The project will make it possible to break down prejudices against minorities


Who is behind this?

Tomas Trantina

POST BELLUM, Pamet naroda Jihocesky kraj

Czech Republic

Who is joining forces?

Amnesty International Czech Republic

Czech Republic


Idea pitch

Participants will be able to get a glimpse into the life of a refugee, a homosexual, a single mother or a member of another ethnic group. By juxtaposing individual life stories - stories of 20th century memorials and personal experience and contact in debate with contemporary members of minorities, so-called "live books" - we aim to break down basic prejudices, increase social literacy and social cohesion, increase interest in taboo topics, and improve critical thinking.

Where will your project idea take place?

South Bohemia - the border areas, the former Sudetenland and small settlements

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

- prejudices against minorities, on which ultra-conservative and nationalist parties and movements base their rhetoric
- the absence of critical thinking
- a minimum of basic education on taboo subjects
- lack of interest in social events
- the absence of debates on these topics even within families and the immediate environment
- minimal awareness of the historical context of how totalitarianism works and the position of minorities within it
- lack of awareness of the benefits of a democratic and free society

Who are you doing it for?

The project targets a broad age group of 13 to 80+, will be conducted at the second level of primary schools in towns and villages where low social and media literacy and high preferences of anti-system parties and movements in the last elections are reasonably expected. A second program for the general public will be organized with special attention to active seniors who are often the target of chain disinformation emails through senior citizen clubs, local public libraries, etc.
Nr of pupils reached: 30 pupils * 20 schools = 600
Nr of adults contacted: 30 citizens * 20 settlements = 600
Nr of families reached: 45 * 20 settlements = 900
Nr of family members contacted: 900 *4 = 3 600 citizens in total

How do you plan to get there?

We will implement the project in 20 border settlements with low social cohesion and potentially high support for nationalist and populist parties and movements.
- The project is unique in linking the historical stories of witnesses, members of minorities, during the totalitarian times of the 20th century (through cinema stories) with the living members of the same minorities in the Czech Republic, the so-called living books. This dual view of the same issues is a unique opportunity for the students and participants of the project.
We will run programmes both in primary schools and for a wider audience within the network of libraries, cultural centres, homes for the elderly.
We will leave the syllabus for the participants of the talks and programmes for possible further needs in families and collectives where the person concerned wants to open up and approach these articulated topics.

Dec 21 - creating meeting scenarios
Jan - Feb 22 – production of cinema stories, cooperation with minority representatives
Feb – Mar - training of trainers and pilot programme
Mar - Apr - production of talks, meetings
Apr-Jun - production of 10 talks/meetings
Sept-Oct production of 10 talks/meetings
Nov 22 - feedback, evaluation within the research group, final report

What are the expected results?

- We expect to increase the media literacy of students and other participants in our program.
- Breaking down stereotypes and turning them into an open attitude towards new things.
- Developing discussion about the topics emphasized within the families of the pupils and participants of the program.
- Increasing the participation of project participants in solving local challenges related to the topics covered.
- Increase participation in elections.
- Increase interest in the humanities and sciences.
- Lower support for anti-systemic, nationalistic and populist political tendencies.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Populist and nationalist parties and movements, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, take advantage of the low awareness of the people and low interest in social events to strengthen their political influence. By directly intervening through educational programmes in specific places where taboo and prejudice are highest, we want to try to reverse this trend. If our project proves successful, it can be multiplied in other regions of the country and beyond. Through direct experience of meeting members of ostracized minorities, the narratives that reinforce anti-democratic and misinformation forces in society can be effectively disrupted.

Why is this idea important to you?

Our team consists of members who grew up in the region where we will implement the proposed activities. Also so-called "live books", members from minority groups, will be related to South Bohemia. We have extensive experience with Memory of a Nation educational programs in remote locations as well as a network of contacts to help us reach where our program is most needed. Team of POST BELLUM, Memory of Nation South Bohemia: Branch Director, Head of Education, seminar lecturers; Amnesty International Czech Republic: field worker, education officer; speakers from minority groups - live books, trainers. We are in contact with local municipalities, civic associations, schools, we discuss their specific needs.

€ 33262,-

Total budget

€ 33262,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

personnel costs 7692 EUR
remuneration for speakers 1154 EUR
travel costs 731 EUR
materials, prints, postage 577 EUR
training of trainers 400 EUR
creation of cinema story 2885 EUR
salary for trainers 1846 EUR
accommodation and meals 5769 EUR
production 1938 EUR
project management, administration 5169 EUR
public relations 1385 EUR
documentation processing 1025 EUR
office expenses 960 EUR
supporting material - syllabus, texts, printing, graphics 1731 EUR


Pamet naroda Jihocesky kraj


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Last edit on April 26, 2021

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