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Community development, Environment and sustainability


Civic engagement for improvement of the quality of life of the community in a small Bulgarian village through the motivation of citizens to adapt to climate change


Who is behind this?

Nevianka Boumbarova



Who is joining forces?

Municipality of the town Polski Trambesh


StaneviVT Ltd.



Idea pitch

The challenge is low economic activity and village depopulation due to global warming and the reduced water resources.
The project aims to motivate citizens to launch measures to open new water sources.
The system approach will ensure the main target groups' collaborative participation. The project result will enhance civic education about the specific local environment and will require the local administration to make future investments.

Where will your project idea take place?

Varzulitsa, nord Bulgaria

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

The specific social challenge is economic inactivity and village depopulation. Why? Global warming is reducing existing water resources. The consequences are:
- restricting people's economic freedom;
- deteriorating social justice (relations between the individual and society);
- violating the general principles of equality (the opportunity to participate on an equal footing in any area of economic, cultural, and civic life).

Adaptation to climate change comes with the idea of discovering additional sources of water - groundwater sources.
There is a need to find water with different parameters: - cold water for sustainable agriculture; - warm water for a new economic activity - health tourism. The economic freedom for choosing a way to generate income will be reached.

Who are you doing it for?

The project will reach two key target groups:
1) Local inhabitants in the village Varzulitsa, and
2) The administration of the more extensive municipality of Polski Trambesh.
Their active involvement in the decision-making and implementation process of opening new water sources could tackle the local societal challenge of “economic freedom”. The motivation of the target groups will be enabled through civic education:
• From one side – specific knowledge about the possible water sources and their exploitation;
• On another side – knowledge about solidarity and trust - needed to participate actively in the discussions on the main topic “water for economic freedom”.

How do you plan to get there?

The primary approach that will be applied will be the system approach – organization of the project implementation as a dynamic and inter-related set of parts that work together to attain the bigger system’s goals.
In our case, the set of parts contains the project participants, partners and the local inhabitants. These parts will work together to attain the local community's goal (bigger system) - using the groundwater as a mean for adaptation to climate change. Thus, they will change their lives for the better.
The action plan presents: Activity No; Duration; Short Description; Result; Responsiveness
1 Project management; M1 – M6; Administrative activities (staffing, accounting), resource and activities management, travel, monitoring: Prepared plan and allocated resources; Lead Organization
2 Collecting local data for the region, drawing up a notification to the Basin Directorate and a plan for hydro-geological studies; M2 – M4; Study of existing archives, natural resources, observations of residents; Prepared a notification to the Basin Directorate and a plan for hydro-geological studies; Partner 1
3 Analysis of the collected data; M2 -M5; Data Systematization, calculations; Internal report – Hypothesis about underwater sources; Partner 2
4 Event – Local community conference, dissemination; M6; Conference held, information disseminated; Lead Organization

What are the expected results?

The main project result will be a document "Internal Report – Hypothesis about existing underwater sources". This document will be a reason to the local inhabitants to require the local administration to make decisions for further investments: - Investment in the verification of the prepared hypotheses (water abstractions, taking and testing of water samples);
Thus, the willingness to collect detailed local data leads to enhanced civic education about the specific local environment and will create future information about potential economic opportunities.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The project idea of using the groundwater as a mean for adaptation to climate change will help the local community to get actively involved in activities to improve their quality of life.
The project will give the local inhabitants active involvement by implementing the task “collecting specific data for the local environment”.
Experts in hydro-geological studies will process the collected data and educate the local community. The project result named “Internal report” will be the primary source of information for local inhabitants and the power structures.
Based on the new knowledge, the local community will write a letter to the local municipality administration (the local power structure) containing a requirement of investments for future activities.

Why is this idea important to you?

1 Neviana Boumbarova - Project Manager; Experience about 30 years; ability to plan activities and coordinate participants; A family member was born in Varzulitsa.
2 Guencho Yordanov - Local Manager; Mayor of the village for about 30 years; good knowledge of all the inhabitants of the village and their problems; Born in Varzulitsa, an inhabitant of the village.
3 Mariana Atanasova - Local Communicator; Former mayor of the village for more than four years; skills to talk with everybody in the village; Born in Varzulitsa, an inhabitant of the village.
4 Dimitar Dimitrov - Information Manager; Project Manager about 30 years; ability to collect data, to analyze it and to make decisions on the go; Owner of property in Varzulitsa

€ 33851,-

Total budget

€ 33851,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

1. Personnel (4 persons x € 757 incl. social insurances and taxes,
for 6 months) - € 18168;
2. Partners - External Contributors - € 12712;
3. Events, Travel and accommodation - € 2128;
4. Public relations (communications /dissemination - € 843.

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Civic engagement of ageing people for strengthening their health and workability through sports.
Civic engagement of experts in Arts to change the lives of disabled children for the better.


Idea created on April 11, 2021

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