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The wolf is coming! shortlist

Social Mediation Initiative on the Coexistence between Iberian Wolf and extensive livestock farming


Who is behind this?

Nuria Alonso

Entretantos Foundation



Idea pitch

The conflict between extensive pastoralism farming and wolf is probably the most paradigmatic in the Iberian Peninsula regarding natural resources and biodiversity. Coexistence, while lasting almost forever in Spain, has become a battlefield of two parties deeply antagonistic. The confrontation has led to a scaling-up conflict, fuelled by the symbolism of the beast, that right now transcend the reality of the predation over livestock to point to the whole social relationships of the rural areas.

Where will your project idea take place?

Rural areas in the North, West and Centre of Spain, but we`ll focused on Sanabria (Zamora).

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Sanabria is one of the most depopulated, isolated and poor regions of Spain. The difficult situation experienced by extensive livestock is aggravated by the coexistence with the Iberian wolf, whose attacks on livestock have generated not only great economical and emotional losses to the sector, but the most paradigmatic conflict in conservation in the Spanish state. This conflict transcends the ecological and economical aspects to reach the social levels in an increasingly violent and polarized way, in such a way that it has reached the state and European scale. Farmers, hunters, scientists, local tourism professionals, conservationists, local administrations, urbanites ... etc are faced with by different views on the roots, the current management and possible solutions to this conflict.

Who are you doing it for?

Local farmers, conservationist, tourism local professionals, scientists, hunters, local administration, foresters. Entretantos Foundation has a wide experience on participatory process for sustainability. PREMEDIATION: We would make a firs assessment based on interviewee's which provide us great information about actors, statements, positions, relations, local history with the conflict...etc. After this we will start the MEDIATION process with groups dynamics -supported with the presence of the Campo Grande Group (a group of people from different sectors of the conflict which has reached a common position on the conflict and some possible solutions in the past at a national level).PUT IN ACTION: We would develop some of the solutions proposed by the chorus group to check it effectivenes

How do you plan to get there?

- Research using social techniques to define the fundamental sectors of the conflict in the region and select relevant local actors
- Creation of a regional key group in Sanabria
- Discussion of the agreement of the Campo Grande Group. Adaptation to local reality, selection of pilot measures.
- Preparation of a work plan for the implementation of the measures
- Evaluation
- Results presentation day
- Preparation of document of "regional process"
- Recording and disseminating a documentary that covers the whole process and its first results

What are the expected results?

- A local agreement on wolf and livestock coexistence is signed by all actors involved in the conflict. This agreement includes a common vision and several proposal for action to decrease the conflict around coexistence
- At least 1 of the proposed action has been developed successfully
- Mediation is considered as a useful tool by local actors to deal with socioecological conflicts
- Local administration is involved on looking for solutions on coexistence of wolf and extensive livestock
- The population knows the project and the results

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

We would like to develop a Social Mediation Initiative as a pilot project which in case of being successful, we could spread all over the rural areas with the same problem and this could transcends to a general political level which could incorporate some of the measures that we want to put in practice. With participatory and mediation techniques, we want to to be able to provide a consensus view between the parties on the problem and try some possible solutions. We have a previous experience in a theoretical and national level that we would like try in a practical and local way. More info:

Why is this idea important to you?

Entretantos Foundation (FENT) has a great vocation for participation, mediation and consensus and its main aim is to reach high quality participation on environmental policies from regular citizens, specially rural people who usually has more difficulties to do it. The wolf's conflict with extensive livestock is not only one of the most paradigmatic challenge to solve on an eco-social-sustainability issue in Spain and Europe, but also has a great connections with several of the projects developed by the Entretantos Foundation. We are deeply connected with the emotional state of livestock farmers and rural spaces but also with urban life and conservation objectives. To act as a bridge between rural and urban areas is our real challenge as a foundation.

€ 34000,-

Total budget

€ 25000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

The project's expected costs are:
- Research using social techniques : 2.500 €
- Sectoral meetings and with working group: 5.000 €
- Document elaboration Diagnostics/perception, resulting meetings: 1.500 €
- Personnel expenses, travel, food...:3.000€
- Results presentation day: 3.200 €
- Launch 3 measures in the territory: 9.660 €
-Project evaluation: 1.100
- Recording, editing and disseminating the documentary: 7.000 €
- Other dissemination materials: 3.000

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?



Nuria Alonso

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Last edit on Aug. 3, 2020

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