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Reporters Workshop

The “Reporters Workshop” is an educational project with competitive character that aims at students from 9th to 12th grade, most of them living and studiyng in small towns and villages in Bulgaria.


Who is behind this?

Desislava Vasileva



Who is joining forces?

Espresso Media




Idea pitch

The main purposes of the project are to: stimulate interest in students from little towns in the journalistic profession, to develop their talent and skills for creative writing and information presenting, as well as to help them in their career guidance and to attract public attention to the history, natural landmarks, culture, as well as opportunities for successful life and professional realization in these places. Тhe participants themselves acquire knowledge, skills and self-confidence.

Where will your project idea take place?

We will focus on schools in little towns and villages in the whole country.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

These places have rich historical and natural landmarks and preserves a thousand-year-old culture, but unfortunately, most of these national treasures do not get the needed attention from the public and the central authorities and become an object of encroachments and collapse. The problem with the intangible cultural heritage is even more serious. With the departure of young people, traditions that are specific to the region and are part of the cultural wealth of Bulgaria and Europe, lose their carriers, die or disappear. Through the project, we find a much more emotional and short way to promote that heritage, to identify the problems and find ways to solve them, as well as to focus our efforts on developing the great potential of the participant’s talent and the advantages of the region

Who are you doing it for?

We have worked with schools in towns from Southwest and Northwestern region - Bozhurishte, Godech, Dragoman, Kostinbrod, Svoge, Slivnitsa, Blagoevgrad, Dupnitsa, Bankya, Elin Pelin, Petrich, Chavdar, Chelopech, Vratsa, Mezdra, Varshets, Galiche, Montana, Chiprovtsi, Lom and had participants from Ruse, Dobrich and Haskovo. We would like to include more little towns from the whole country. The idea of the project is to give a tribune to young people to express their opinion on important subjects, concerning the society, local business, natural and cultural heritage. The project affects not only the participants, by giving them an opportunity to develop their qualities, and receive career guidance but also the local communities, municipalities, citizens of the country, the business.

How do you plan to get there?

Our 5 years experience gives us a strong know-how about the successful organization of the project. We communicate directly with schools and we present the project directly to students. Our mentors are famous and successful Bulgarian journalists and lecturers in journalism from the leading university departments in the country.
On local level the citizens are motivated to share and discuss the materials, because the topics are important for the community.

What are the expected results?

By 2022 we set a goal:
To have more than 1000 participants in all edition of the project from all over the country.
To have more than 100 participants, who decided to develop as journalists and sign up to study journalism in higher education institutions.
Тo have more than 3,000 аuthor's materials from the participants and at least half of them to be published in the platform, which promote the natural, historical and cultural riches of the country, as well as opportunities for successful life and professional realization.
To contribute to the positive change of the media environment in the country and the building of a positive image of Bulgaria among its citizens and around the world; and to help establish the principles of democracy and European development of the country.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

We have all indications, that the students who participated in the project have an active citizenship and ability to express itc. They look for supporters and are extremely engaged with the problems of their community. In the project we encourage the participants to research and learn interesting and valuable information about their native and living places and we help them in the process of writing and creating, so that their final materials attract much more attention and interest in the public. In addition, the project helps with an important issue related to the career guidance of young people, living in small towns, and they can evolve their talents with the expert mentorship of successful Bulgarian journalists and university lecturers.

Why is this idea important to you?

The “Reporters Workshop” is the most emotional educational project with competitive character in western Bulgaria. For five editions we had more than 500 participants and 1,500 published materials, including reports, essays, analysis, travelogues, interviews, portraits, video reports, presentations and more. We managed to find and develop talent and potential in students and helped them to find purpose, gain self-esteem, knowledge and skills. We provoke them to be proactive – to research and follow their goals with passion. In addition through their materials, we succeed to promote unpopular tourist destinations, focused the public attention to local traditions, successful figures from the past and present, interesting historical facts and natural and cultural attractions.

€ 76600,-

Total budget

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Team and administration, Regional Project coordinators, Manager Partnerships (medias and partners), Editors: € 48 000.
Communication campaign, Transport, Accommodation, Advertising, PR and marketing: € 12 500.
Developing a website for Reporters Workshop with all information about project, mentors, jury, participants, partners, materials - € 5200.
Training- € 2 000.
Accountant– € 2400.
Ceremony: Transport, accommodation for finalists, awards – € 4500.
Other– € 2000.

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

At this stage, the project has no institutional or corporate funding and the people who work for its successful implementation carry out most of its activities on a voluntary basis. Its potential and achieved results give us a reason to seek funding so looking forward your advice.


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