Community development, Territorial articulation, human relations, recover

Pathways,strategic corridors for rural development

The recovery of the mission of paths and trails structuring factors of rural environments allows for the development of contemporary knowledge products and tools


Who is behind this?

carmen mazaira



Who is joining forces?

Fundación Juana de Vega




GLOCEE (Global Change Ecology and Evolution)


-Green Cube (Cubo Verde) : -EFA Federation of Galicia -Forests without Frontiers:


Idea pitch

Recover the territory, population and culture starting from the rehabilitation of the network of pathways and trails of the core and nearby surroundings of Camba (Galicia, Spain)
Formulate the theoretical and empirical worktools at local and wider scale from the perspective of the recovery of traditional land use socio-ecological relations.
Stop the rural abandonment and territory emptying . Recover the cultural identity & environmental values of the region aiming for long-term sustainability

Where will your project idea take place?

Rural pathway and trail network of the Camba rural area and its surroundings (Laza, Galicia, Spain)

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Rural communities are disappearing, becoming disarticulated and dysfunctional.By means of sustainable uses that recover their once held roles in the community, these can be brought back to life, reinvigorating communities to recover rural and territories that are about to disappear for future generations, as well as the lack of proportional democratic representation and the loss of social cohesion
The project favours diversification and action of local actors and associations,the renewal and population development and the human network, recovering quality of life quality.
These infraestructures favour the interplay between ecosystems,recovering horticultural and agricultural crops and stimulating taking care of the territory, primary production, biodiversity, knowhow and heritage

Who are you doing it for?

The low demography and the high risk of abandonment of this rural nucleus, yells for the activation of projects that with an intergenerational perspective, including groups of people with special needs and groups in risk of social exclusion, including but not limited to a gender sensitivity perspective.
Another key aspect to achieve a group-diverse an integrated rural environment, will include attracting inhabitants from closeby urban nuclei that keep their connection with the rural territory alive. Likewise, it is key to communicate with and attract potential newcomers that can increase the sets of skills that complement the territory strengths.
The application of Service-Learning methods can promote active citizenship participation and channel it with a solitary community.

How do you plan to get there?

Based on a previous analysis and selection process, we propose the regeneration of the network pathways and trails following the following steps:
Design and integrate the discipline-specific multi-criteria that maximize the biodiversity experience as well as the cultural experience for the user of the pathway and trail network recovery project, the participation and social integration during the recovery, and the economic recovery of the area
Field work: Definition of the topography and geography.Data collection from available pathways and trails. Study of the features to interest
Design of the routes and infrastructures
Execution: Arrange groups of people that will help conduct the activities aimed at recovering the trails
Mapping, visual documentation, local and global media

What are the expected results?

Trails and pathways with high biodiversity,inspiring views and iconic cultural sights are in place and are frequently used by the community for a range of activities
Connections make Camba visible,helping to make it achieve more relevance in the institutions
Strategies to assimilate newcomers, to re-establish relationships and re-activate the whole field of civic participation in the local context
There is knowledge exchange and encounter between diverse experiences of these creation spaces
Trails and pathways allow capturing part of the key elements of the ancestral socio-ecological system of the area
Walking all the recovered pathways will provide a sense of the ecosystem service provision and biodiversity of the natural setting of Camba
Walking: aesthetic and healthy experience

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Connectivity strengthens democracy and promote active citizenship.The network of paths and trails in the territory connects at an environmental, social and cultural level specific social groups (people communities) and local population of the municipality.
Its diffusion gives a voice to the territory within the region.The network activates cultural projects that create a social network that emerges from the local and connects with the global.
Active community participation in the regeneration and rebuilding of the pathway and trail network allows participants to connect and to develop emotional links between them, with the biodiversity values of the reborn path and the place.
The recovered pathway network builds a sense of pertainance and identity of the population with its territory.

Why is this idea important to you?

We are involved professionally and personally in the recovery of rural culture, aiming to combine the experience of biodiversity and cultural landscape.
We are worried about the loss of population in rural Spain, so we work on the strengthening of those territories from a wide range of perspectives encapsulated by the work team, such as landscape ecology and social regeneration. We are working on an integrated framework that sees rural development as a dynamic network of people, resources, activities and processes that interact in a territory.
With the current pandemic we have detected an increase in perceived value of of rural communities due to its “Covid-free.
We are keen on contributing to a change of paradigme that the 21st Century demands from human societies.

€ 118,-

Total budget

€ 50,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Research and Knowledge ......50,000.00€s
Special Protection Project ......50,000.00€s
GENERAL EXPENSES …………18.500,00 €s:
Office………………………….….. 5.700,00
Personnel…………………………. 5.000,00
Office material..........................4.800,00
Trips……………………………..... 3.000,00

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

in order to be able to implement our project to achieve a territorial and social cohesion, we would like to get feedback, ideas about our proposals to assure its viability.As well as ensuring that this rural area, Camba, can be a benchmark of innovative social, economic, and environmental realism!



Idea created on May 27, 2020

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