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One world on demand


Who is behind this?

Martin Krištof

Poeple in Need



Idea pitch

Festival One World in regions and OW on demand, mediates the topic of human rights and the various positions of the people in contemporary society within Slovakia. The project increases the sensitivity of diverse groups to social issues. Community-oriented project is supporting local cells and partners that disseminate human rights topics through festivals, small screenings, discussions to a wide target group. Let’s give these cells the necessary tools, knowledge and connection with partners,

Where will your project idea take place?

Regional festivals happen throughout Slovakia - many of them in Eastern Slovakia.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Project is running in all of the regions - so there isn’t one specific problem what we are facing - in Eastern and Central Slovakia we deal with the coexistence of minority and majority, unemployment, regional mafia. In the south there is a lack of chances, slow economical destruction of regions, depression. The western part is the richest and self-sustained and doesn’t respect other parts. And everywhere we face new fascism and xenophobia.
One world talks about all forms of discrimination, marginalization, or excluding. We don’t work with affected people - our main aim is to change the way how the majority perceives the minorities,. Primary target is regional centers, community leaders, and secondary their audience. Aim is to give them a good and quality tool for possible change.

Who are you doing it for?

We want to support 25 regional partners in the realization of their festivals - means to prepare a quality package of films, to carry out two intensive meetings, workshops and trainings on issues related to community development.
It is important to curate a selection of 15 documentaries for adult viewers, as well as students for regions that cover a variety of local and global social issues. Meetings and workshops with regional partners are aimed at new skills, as well as local dramaturgy and the accompanying program. OW on demand is also a curated project, offers opportunities and tools to highlight problems and solve them: discussions, new education, availability and speed of action.

How do you plan to get there?

2 educative and programme seminars for regional partners (11/20, 06/21). Tips, exchange of know how, PR workshops, effective discussions with students, networking. Intensive programming workshops for two years 2020/21 and 2021/22.
A collection of films for regions that convey topics through interesting information and in an interesting way. 15 films for adults, 4 for secondary schools and 4 short for primary schools. The activity includes the purchase of licenses, translation and subtitling.
OW on demand - special collection of films freely distributed directly to individuals, who can screen them in smaller groups without paying an entrance fee. It includes methodological materials created by our team about global understanding of the problem and the possibility of change.

What are the expected results?

Project does not create new structures, but provides existing content, tools and links needed to create the festival as a separate educational element. Today, we do not need to acquire more festivals and partners, but to support and help the existing network, which faces many of the above-mentioned obstacles. The result, is a stronger network of partner organizations, where each member is a strong element and can communicate to their community in an engaging way the topics that interest them. The most important are the end users - very diverse viewers in the regions. We believe that these people are capable of action, and potentially create engaged groups that can alleviate the pressure of global society on the socially weaker and can turn global problems into benefits.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Regional partners / festivals inform, change the behavior and opinions of the majority, with the help of documentary film, discussions and direct work with community. The goal is to bring important social global and local topics into communities, develop them and dispel myths. Important to share the theme of festival - 2020 is a year of elections (Slovakia, USA,…). Therefore we have decided to focus on the topic of “CHOICE” and analyze it on many levels from political to individual or collective choices in films, and accompanying events as well.
OW on demand makes space for the message to be seen and heard, the discussion to be started and disseminated amongst communities. It is easy to use and reach and our methodological materials aim to help families, or communities with the discussion

Why is this idea important to you?

Regional festivals personally bring us great inspiration and support in the work we do. We feel responsible for the long-term functioning and cooperation with the network we have built in the past. We know that these centers will survive without us, and we will survive without them, but we will certainly feel safer in a country where we have good partners.
Our organization carries out various activities in the regions where marginalized communities live. Regional festivals themselves are a litmus test for us, how the situation develops here, how the majority society reacts, discusses, solves the environmental issues and what it considers to be problems. Through festivals, we see what issues / movies / topics are important here. That is why this idea is important to us personally.

€ 42475,-

Total budget

€ 32000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Rights for films for regional OW festivals (29 films) - 19x250 + 4x150 = 5350
Rights for OW on demand - 6 films x450 = 2700
Translation - 29 x200 = 5800
Subtitling, dabbing - 29x100 = 2900

Travel costs - 25 people x 25€ x 2 times = 1250
Accommodation and food - 25 x 55 € day x 5 = 6875
Lectures (fees) - 10 people x 200 = 2000
Rental of spaces - 1500

Internal costs
PR - 2500
Coordinator - 12 months x600 - 7200
Financial manager - 12 x200 = 2400
Office supplies - 2000

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

How to push for quality? Its better to present quality, or more educative documents/project in regions?
If you think, that’s it better to have leas educative partners, or bigger and stronger community. If its possible to solve problems of Europe in small community, or you need to be big?


Martin Kristof

Idea created on May 27, 2020

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